Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Conley Thompson: Yet Another Tragedy Brought About By Parental Neglect

Who in their right mind allows a 7-year-old child to play out at night, 40 minutes away from home? This is such a sad, sad case, yet another tragedy which need not have happened. So many children go missing and end up dead, yet some parents never learn from reading what they see in the papers almost every week. And to wait two hours before alerting the authorities? That is not just irresponsible parenting, it is sheer crass stupidity. And this poor, innocent little boy has paid for his parents' stupidity and neglect with his life.
We're not sure as yet what exactly happened--there have already been tall tales told--but you only have to look at the grandmother, rough as a bag of spanners, to see that we are dealing with the kind of family that don't go for picnics in the park, much preferring to leave their children "to it"--and then weep and wail and blame someone else when something as dreadful as this happens. In my opinion, they should be prosecuted--not that this will bring this child back.
RIP Conley. 

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