Hollywood legend Loretta Young was ‘date raped’ by Clark Cable, according to a sensational interview with her daughter-in-law Linda Lewis.
It was a well-known Hollywood scandal that actress Young, who died in 2000, had a secret baby with Gable that was conceived during the shoot of their film ‘The Call Of The Wild’ in 1935 (see the poster below).

Young went to great lengths to cover up her illegitimate daughter Judy, though details of the liaison emerged before her death.
However this is the first time that Gable has been accused of raping Young.
In an interview with Buzzfeed, Lewis said that her mother-in-law liked to watch ‘Larry King Live’. During a segment on date rape, she asked her to explain what the term meant.
“I did the best I could to make her understand,” Lewis said. “You have to remember, this was a very proper lady.”
When Lewis finished Young said: “That’s what happened between me and Clark.”
Apparently the family decided to keep quiet about the allegations to protect Judy, but decided to go public when she died, aged 78, in 2011.
“Six months later, something went click,” Linda said. “Judy is not here to be hurt by this. And that’s what Loretta really wanted to avoid — because who doesn’t want to be conceived in love?”
“But then I realized that it’s almost every day, all these rapes, and the men just keep getting away with it.”
Lewis said she was conflicted about going public with the story. She said: “When you’re the keeper of this information, it’s a terrifying story to tell for the first time.
“It’s so dramatic. The onus is on us to prove it, but you can’t prove it. It’s ‘he said, she said.’ But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t tell the story.”