Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bruce Jenner: The Genuinely Brave Arthur Ashe Will Be Turning In His Grave

Bruce Jenner being given an Arthur Ashe courage award? I should imagine the great and genuinely courageous tennis champion will be turning cartwheels in his grave over this latest act of idiocy, which offers further proof of just how bonkers this world has become.

How in the name of April Ashley can this "Sunset Beach" Aunt Bet lookalike be deemed courageous? Anybody can stand up and say they want to be this or that, especially if it grabs the headlines and earns them another stash of cash. He's even taken a name out of "Sunset Beach" for his alter-ego. So, why not Doreen, or Gladys? Such a name would certainly describe the way he looks!

And now, for the second time, I'm going to be accused of something that I'm not. I called Katie Price a mucky-mouthed so-and-so with no talent in particular, and was lambasted with comments saying that I was attacking a role model. They've said the same about my comments about this former athletics jock-with-a-cock, that he's a role model. Mother Theresa was a role model. Princess Diana was a role model. These headline-grasping freaks are NOT role models because the only role they're interested in is how fast the cash can ROLL into their bank accounts.

Just as Katie Price--last night's pot calling the kettle the black by saying on Big Brother that Jasmine Lennard was only interested in going into the house for the money and fame--treats us to every grunt and groan and moan of her very uninteresting personal life, with whatever he's supposed to be Peter Andre always following suit, so we are treated to Bruce Jenner's latest folly. The Kardashian's last magical revelation was his daughter's puffed up bottom. Next year there'll be something else. He'll be telling us that he's glad he didn't have his meat and two veg lopped off because he's decided that he made a mistake and it was just a phase he was going through. By this time, like Katie and Peter, he'll probably have released a couple of books, made a documentary where he weeps a lot, and kept the tabloids busy so that we don't have to see the genuinely courageous people on their front pages--those who actually do something worthwhile for society. And all those gullible people will whoop and leap up and down like giddy cheerleaders at his every gesture, while switching off the television news if there's any mention of brave soldiers dying for freedom in Afghanistan.

And on the subject of transgenderism, these people need to take a closer look at April Ashley, Now SHE was beautiful, a TRUE legend. She did not look a complete tit, for one thing. Currently we have three cases of transgenderism being rammed down out throats. Lauren Harries, I'm not sure about. There are times when she looks gorgeous--such as the other night on Big Brother--then at other times she looks like the spook that pops out of the wardrobe when you're on the Ghost Train. Then there's Kellie, and Bruce. Why is that these sixty-somethings have a desire to dress like teenagers and end up looking not like an attractive Joanna Lumley sixty-something legend, but like one of those creatures you see smoking St Moritz cigarettes while standing in a doorway on rue Saint-Denis? If they didn't make themselves look so silly, then maybe they might stand a chance.

And for goodness sake, stop calling Caitlan Jenner a SHE. When naked and under the shower without his Aunt Bet wig, each time he looks down and sees what's hanging between his legs, he is very definitely a HE. And I've no problem with that. It's his body to do what he wants with it, even if it has taken three wives and six decades to decide that he was born in the wrong body. The body he had when competing was amazing. The one he displays in that swimsuit ain't so hot. 

Just don't call him courageous!

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