Saturday, 18 July 2015

After The Supreme Insult To The Queen, Time For The Sun To Go

Most of us in this business have been "nabbed" by this vile publication at some time or other. I managed to stop two stories about me--one involving Marlene Dietrich, the other three years ago when I warned the journalist that if they wrote one more word about me, I would expose something that their partner had done. "Do that and you'll have the full force of our lawyers brought down on you," I was warned--to which my response was that, by then, the damage would have been done. In my opinion, some Sun journalists--not all of them--equate to homophobes and racists, and I think it's been widely broadcast what I feel about that kind of pond life.

I lived through the Justin Fashanu episode, and this ended with a very talented young man taking his own life. I lived through agents provocateurs--and believe me, the only good AP very definitely IS a dead one.

The Sun might argue that in publishing the photograph of Princess Elizabeth making a Nazi salute--fooling around as all children do, and wholly unaware of what horrors lay ahead--is of historical interest. WHY? And what are they trying to imply? Whilst researching my biography of Greta Garbo a few years ago, I learned that she had been hired during World War II to keep her eye on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, suspected of Nazi sympathy--the photographs of them meeting Hitler were widely broadcast. This picture of our Queen has NOT been published for any other reason than to kick up a storm--just as that feature about Peter Sutcliffe was published a few weeks ago not because of any interest in him, but because some of the comments he had made--SEVEN years ago--was allegedly their way of making a personal statement about an issue they hadn't had the guts to make themselves. 

I wept with joy when they shut down The News of the World--ironically just weeks after nominating TWO of my biographies "Book of the Month". They even supplied the flash-line for the front cover of my "Elizabeth Taylor". I now fervently hope that Buckingham Palace really pulls out all the stops to shut down The Sun, once and for all.

Just imagine, if our beloved Queen dies--and the last "tribute" made to her whilst alive was that horrible headline we woke up to this morning.

And it's no use saying that Stig Abell and his team will feel ashamed of themselves. These people have NO shame.

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