Monday, 15 June 2015

Teenage Suicide Bombers Are Not "Nice Kids"

Why is it that each time a teenage suicide bomber blows hims/herself and others up that "friends, family and community members" invariably say that he/she was a nice person who was radicalised, and therefore not to blame?
Do we say then that the ones who stabbed their teachers--one last year, another this--were not responsible for their actions, and pass off a tragic incident as "just one of those things"?
If they have enough sense to work a computer or mobile phone, then they have more than enough sense to realise exactly what they're doing, and in my opinion the ones claiming how "nice" these kids are are just as responsible.
Time, I think, to introduce something alone the lines of the King Herod Factor. I don't advocate violence--that's reserved in my book for racists and homophobes--but I do advocate some sort of action which would mean that, if a teenager joins these groups and hurts/kills, then those defending him or her should either shut up or be sent out there after him, and made to stay there. These people are very strong on family values, after all. 

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