Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tabloid Reporters Pig Out On Ched Evans Once More

The tabloids are not going to lay off this man until he either kills himself, as Justin Fashanu did, or until he sues the crap out of them. I would prefer him to win his appeal and do the latter. 
This time it's the Sun's Leigh Holmwood, Lauren Veevers, Ruth Warrender and Lauren Probert going for the jugular, because Ched attended a weekend wedding. Yep, it takes FOUR hacks to write a 300-word story, so I guess great journalism is not dead.These people do not care if Ched raped anyone or not--they are interested only in grabbing a juicy headline. He was reported to be smiling and having fun. Well, you stupid biddies, that's what usually happens at weddings--though with some of my family weddings you could also guarantee a good old punch-up, or to cop off with one of the bridesmaids! Ched is berated for looking relaxed. Would these hacks rather him have taken a short walk into the woods with a long rope? And the sniping doesn't snap with Ched, for we are told that the newlyweds have a baby daughter--how very noble of their moral stance. A few years ago, when I was "nabbed" by one odious rag, I commented that I welcomed the Morrissey-style accidental demise of my "nabbers" in a car smash on the M6. Within months the car had been replaced by a minibus--if they keep this up, we're going to be wishing for a fleet of double-decker buses. 

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