Wednesday, 3 June 2015

On Transgenderism


So today I was engaged in a little fudduddle on the subject because I made a few observations about Bruce Jenner, who now calls himself Caitlyn.
As a fully-fledged member of the Anti-Homophobia League who takes no prisoners, I would not risk criticism by making adverse comments about anyone in the LGBT community. However, Mr Jenner--and nothing, not even the Good Lord, will alter the fact that Mr only becomes Ms when surgery has taken place--does not belong to the LGBT community, and in my opinion does not serve as an ideal role model as is widely broadcast.
I find it very hard to believe that a man can be trapped inside a woman's body for forty years, through three marriages and after siring numerous children. I also find serial reality show contestants particularly loathsome and uncomfortable to watch--sharing every bump and grind of their sex-lives in front of millions of people, publishing a book each time they change partners, which is often, and in the case of one very well-known celebrity (who effectively has done little but reality shows) appearing in a porn film widely available on the Internet. There is even a petition which has already acquired thousands of signatures regarding Mr Jenner having his Olympic medals taken away--I mean, if he believed he was a she back then, then he was obviously in the wrong race.
Maybe the last straw came today when I was accused of "transphobia" because I disagreed with the comment that transgender parents make better parents than the conventional kind. What a load of cobblers! There are good and bad parents in every gender category, so don't give me that one!
I also disagree with the theory of Mr Jenner being so open about his "change of gender" being beneficial to the ordinary person going through the crisis he tells us he has gone through. It's the same as Tom Daley supporters claiming that Tom coming out as gay will help others. It will help some, but I cannot imagine "doing a Tom" or "doing a Bruce" will help if you live in a rough-and-ready housing estate in Brixton--no more than calling a child Marmaduke or Huckleberry, as Bear Grylls has done, if they attend a junior school in Rotherham.
In England, we have had two very public transgender cases in recent years. James Harries, the child antiques expert who made many gasp and more than  a few gag when emulating Wolfgang Plugg on Wogan opted to become Lauren Harries, and rather than inspiring others almost single-handedly turned the very idea of transgenderism into a mockery with her antics on Big Brother. Rather than find herself respected, she is persistently mocked and deservedly so.
Next we have the former boxing promoter, Frank Maloney. As many know, I'm a boxing enthusiast, and I have to say, hand over heart, that Frank--Kellie as she now is--is an inspiration. She too went on Big Brother, not to make a plonker of herself like Lauren Harries, but to show the world what she was made of. We laughed with her, got angry with her--and at her, at times--and we cried with her. SHE is what respect of transgenderism is all about, and she has earned the respect she truly deserves.
And then what happened--the Queen of Reality, who I mentioned earlier, barges into Big Brother at the last minute and steals her thunder. Save that whereas Kellie Malone adds value to the world, the other--with her atrocious behaviour--does not.
As for the young chap I had a barney with earlier today: Stop looking at life through blinkered vision, love. There is more to it than spending the whole day on Facebook, posting pictures of everything you eat, wear and drink. It's a big, wide world out there. Explore it and get some experience before you start telling we old 'uns how to live ours!

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