Saturday, 6 June 2015

Charles Kennedy, Bruce Jenner & The Bigots

The BBC get a barrage of complaints related to the death of Charles Kennedy, a very fine, much-loved politician. His alcohol problems should not have been mentioned in the obituaries, some say, as it upset his family and does nothing to help others suffering from drink problems.
Bruce Jenner, the multi-millionaire celebrity who won a few races when he was a sportsman, but in recent years has been little more than an over-blown, over-paid (and thankfully not over here) reality star, has received global praise for his latest truc. "So," Mummy asks, "What are you going to do this year, Brucie, to grab the headlines?" To which comes the response, "This year I'm going to have a crack at becoming a woman, but I won't have the op because when I've exhausted the topic, I may want to revert to who I was--or maybe I'll go on a safari and save endangered species. It all depends on how much I get paid!" And Bruce's "courage" is boasted to help other transgender wannabes around the world., which stinks of bigotry.
So, the sad story of poor Charles Kennedy should have been kept OUT of the press, even though his plight WILL help others, and save our Health Service money---whilst a 65-year-old transvestite looking like a very bad Kate O'Mara impersonator, flashing his airbrushed thighs on a magazine cover will inspire others to look like him? Oh, and earn him a lot of dosh. Somehow I don't think so.
And before I get bombarded with accusations of "transphobia", take a look at pictures of celebrity alcoholics, and compare what you see with pictures of so-called transgender personalities. Most of them do not look good, and the ones that do are the ones who never boast, or post pictures of themselves looking ridiculous. April Ashley was gorgeous, as was Coccinelle, as was Barbette, as was Karen Dior, who I met and loved. They didn't go all the way, but at all times they looked lovely. Then take a look at some of the others, the best of whom often look little better than Arthur Mullard in drag. When did you ever see a woman walking down the street who looked like Lauren Harries? And as for the young chap I fell out with the other day--I won't name him because that wouldn't be cricket. He was forever making quotes such as how he had been walking through the street and had felt a draft because his skirt had got caught in his knickers--or he posted videos of himself dancing very badly in a long frock, or with flowers in his hair and pouting his lips like Carmen Miranda meets Carry On. Does he think that this helps his cause--or that it just makes people want to take the micky? Even so, I wish him luck and love--even though I am sure he hates me now. During our friendship I offered him nothing but admiration and support, but my ridiculing of Bruce Jenner brought down the curtain. It's a bit like criticising me for saying that I love all tigers, though I would shoot the one that just ate my grandson. You can't win 'em all!
And before I get bombarded with more accusations of "transphobia", think scientifically. In layman's terms, if any man still is in possession of a penis, then I don't care what anyone says--HE is still a MAN.
And Charles Kennedy was a NICE man!

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