Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rudolph Valentino Screenplay: Revised Logline

Now that the screenplay based on Valentino, A Dream of Desire has moved up a peg, a slight rewrite has been effected and there is a revised Logline. The screenplay is copyrighted, registered, and is represented by The casting, sadly, is nothing to do with me, though my two suggestions have been taken on board.


The gay star’s no-holds barred hedonistic life story, from an abusive childhood in Italy to Hollywood stardom and unprecedented wealth—the lovers and the peace and stability these brought to his tormented psyche; his courage and ribald sense of humour which saw him through his nightmares; the rapacious lesbian wives; the thieving manager and racist, money-grabbing studio moguls and their deliberating during his final illness whether he would be worth more to them dead or alive; the bigamy charges and prison rapes; his terror, though unashamed and proud of his sexuality, of being regarded as a non-manly man by the tabloids at a time in America when homosexuals were perceived as degenerates.

Here is the much-revised book, retitled, now in its seventeenth year!


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