Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ireland Voting "Yes" Will Not Stop The Homophobia

In fact, it will probably get worse...

There was rejoicing on the streets of Dublin last night, now that the "majority" of Irish people have voted in favour of gay marriage, but when you study the figures, it's not as overwhelming a majority as you think. 62% of those who voted said yes, which meant that 38% said no. Like Italy, Ireland is governed by a religion which more or less says that you can sleep with whom you like so long as you confess all to the priest and ease your conscience. And there is more homosexuality in the Church than you can shake a stick at--save that instead of genuine man-to-man love, it's sly, and because it's sly the frocked ones getting much of the action actually denounce their own actions as dirty. I've personally known a few holy men like that, and it's bigotry at its most extreme.
Now, as happens elsewhere, those in the minority--the poisonous 38%--will become more vitriolic than ever. They'll be like the losing party at our last general election, and step up their campaign. They'll continue their hate campaign, there'll be kiddie-fiddling just the same, and lives will end prematurely because of prejudice. I remember one holy man who was on the front pages of our newspapers some years ago. His son had killed himself, unable to cope any longer with his "guilt". The holy man publicly stated that he was glad that his boy was dead because him being dead was more preferable to being gay. What a twat! And what a joy when soon afterwards he followed him to the grave, though I suspect father and son will not now be in the same place.
I have encountered homophobia virtually non-stop for the past twenty years--not against myself, because insults bounce off me and it's always interesting watching how this scum reacts when they get a taste of their own medicine--but against some of the subjects of my books.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course--but when homophobia leads to hatred of such a level as I have sometimes seen, and such as has been levelled against those I cared about--just think of those vile headlines written about Rock and Freddie--there is much to be said for one of my personal creeds: like racists and anti-Semites, the only good homophobe is a dead one.
What I find strange is that three subjects who were entirely gay--Freddie Mercury, Rudolph Valentino and Rock Hudson--are the ones that have had the most impact on the Irish and brought in the most listeners to my radio broadcasts there.

Of course, no one could see those listeners--just as no one can see those who voted no to the referendum, just as no one knows what their next move will be.

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