Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Introducing Joey Jenkinson

Early this year I published my autobiography~after years of lunatics threatening to publish the 'real' Bret story, when truthfully they know naff all about me and spend so much of their time yapping about me instead of getting on with their own meaningless lives~I felt the time was right to open the box on my 'perverted' life.
There have been a couple of failed law-suits, and a lot of hot air spouted by my estranged family which almost tempts me to write a little more about them, save that they are so defunct in my thoughts as to be unworthy or the effort.
Joey is a rock, and we have taken it in turns over the years to support each other. He always says that I'm the one with the brains~and he's definitely the one with the brawn. I've known him since he was seventeen. He's a distant relative--my mother's maiden name was Jenkinson--but as we were both adopted, there's no blood connection therefore he and I have never breached any code, legal or moral. We don't see each other as often as we like. He gets on with my wife, and I was witness at his civil partnership. Joey's moody and unpredictable and has a husband to die for, and he's very, very witty and I'm proud to be helping him with his literary career. His books are not for the squeamish--if you didn't know everything about man-to-man stuff before reading a Joey Jenkinson story, you certainly know everything afterwards! One, 'All About Yves', is all about him, with just a few amendments. Some years ago, he was arrested in Belgium for a crime he hadn't committed, and...well, you'll just have to read it for yourselves. My wife has just finished it, and if she says it's good, it must be!
And now, he and I are waiting for the 'experts' to tell the world about us--or what they think they know!

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