Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Few Words About Thomas Cook And Other Legal Cases

I cannot advocate that there should be a total boycott on this company after the terrible tragedy which left two children dead, and a family grieving for ever. It's up to the conscience of the individual. I am happy however that millions of pounds has been wiped off the company's shares index.
Thomas Cook refused to apologise for what had happened, claiming that it was not their fault. I don't know about anyone else, but if I book a holiday through a travel company, I like to think that I'm going to be safe. Sure, the owner of the place where this family was staying was to blame, but so too were the people who organised--and snapped up the cash--for these people to stay here.
I never use tour operators, quite simply because I don't trust them. I travel a lot, but I always make the arrangements myself, or whichever television or film company hires me does so. This way I know that I'll be safe. In the past I've had too many disasters, though nothing like what has happened to this family.
My one and only Thomas Cook experience happened a few years ago. We were flying to France, and the ticket said that there was a one-hour check in at the airport. We arrived 90 minutes before the flight and the gate was closed--we were told that the check-in on the ticket should have read 2 hours. We had to make alternative arrangements and it cost us a small fortune. Upon our return home I called in at Thomas Cook and a snooty clerk looked down her nose and said, "It's your fault. You ought to know that one-hour check-in isn't enough!" I didn't, and I sued them. A couple of their people turned up at the magistrate's court, smirking and looking down their noses. They even tried to tell the judge how to do her job. It cost them a lot of money!
I've had 28 court cases over the last thirty years--28 individuals so sure of themselves and looking down their noses, and 28 individuals laughing on the other side of their faces by the time I had finished with them whilst I was laughing all the way to the bank. On one occasion, two policemen lost their jobs. On another, a judge was removed from the court. On another, the entire staff of a nursing home was fired. The answer is simple. If you're going to take me on, make sure that you're not 100% blameless in the case involved--it's no good the relative of a deceased star suing me for insulting dear So-and-So if they are on record for saying something despicable about my wife or son! I fight dirty, and have not lost a case yet. And each time, some individual boasts, "He hasn't lost a case yet, but he will lose this one!" No, he won't, because he or one of his team meticulously checks every detail to such an extent that he knows more about his antagonist than they know about themselves. He locates every sore point, and he takes no prisoners.
Currently, I have only one court case pending--a matter of three estranged family members (well, in-laws) one of whom I believed to have been long-dead, kicking up a fuss about three very old photographs I used in one of the Nancy Sphinctergritzel books. Thus far I have been "ordered" to make a public apology to one of them. It was an "order" I could have ignored because only he--Leonard Daykin--and a few others would have recognised the little boy n the picture in a million years. I never knew it was him. I had found the picture in a box along with all the others. And of course, now that I have apologised--which meant revealing his name--he has ended up shooting himself in the foot because now the whole world knows who he is!
We had a quaint saying in my neck of the woods when I was growing up:
"If you catch a weasel asleep, you pee in its ear!"

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