Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rudolph Valentino Screenplay: Revised Logline

Now that the screenplay based on Valentino, A Dream of Desire has moved up a peg, a slight rewrite has been effected and there is a revised Logline. The screenplay is copyrighted, registered, and is represented by The casting, sadly, is nothing to do with me, though my two suggestions have been taken on board.


The gay star’s no-holds barred hedonistic life story, from an abusive childhood in Italy to Hollywood stardom and unprecedented wealth—the lovers and the peace and stability these brought to his tormented psyche; his courage and ribald sense of humour which saw him through his nightmares; the rapacious lesbian wives; the thieving manager and racist, money-grabbing studio moguls and their deliberating during his final illness whether he would be worth more to them dead or alive; the bigamy charges and prison rapes; his terror, though unashamed and proud of his sexuality, of being regarded as a non-manly man by the tabloids at a time in America when homosexuals were perceived as degenerates.

Here is the much-revised book, retitled, now in its seventeenth year!


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Big Brother UK: Aaron Frew: Double Standards

A few years ago on Big Brother, a female contestant was applauded for doing a drunken trick with a champagne bottle. Last year, another not only flashed her boobs, she rubbed them in someone's face. Only this week, a member of the after-show panel said that it needed her back in for a repeat performance to liven up the proceedings. Two years ago, a contestant called Tom never seemed to leave his willy in his pants--it was considered hilarious. Today, Aaron flashes at Joel--who hasn't exactly discouraged his advances over the past few days--and he gets kicked out.
Double standards, or what?

Monday, 25 May 2015

Presenting Joey Stefano: The Undisputed Prince Of Passion


He is a truly, truly beautiful young man!’

(Quote by Marlene Dietrich.)


I met Joey once, and this singular encounter had a lasting effect on me. At the time I had watched just one of his films—Idol Eyes—and, to be honest, did not quite know what to expect, meeting him in the flesh after seeing so much of him in the flesh, so to speak. We met, as will be seen, courtesy of Madonna (who I did not get around to meeting!), the day before I visited my friend Marlene Dietrich at her Paris apartment. Marlene surprised me by revealing that she had a photograph of Joey tucked away in her files. Needless to say, I was completely bowled over by his charm.

   Gay actors working in the porn industry in the 1990s differed vastly from their heterosexual counterparts in that they were generally much better-looking and took much better care of their bodies. Indeed, nothing has changed over the years in this respect. No one would ever have called John Holmes, Harry Reems or Ron Jeremy cute, even at a stretch, but the whole point with them was that they inspired hope amongst straight male aficionados of porn—or so the studios believed—spawning the myth that even the most unattractive man really can ensnare the prettiest girl, not always the case in the real world unless wealth is involved. And of course, as these films were being aimed at a straight male audience, the male performers were more often than not secondary to the action taking place. The same applies to the majority of so-called “sex tubes” currently to be found on the Internet, where pretty young women are frequently partnered—and often exploited and humiliated—by older, unattractive men. The gay world was and still is completely different, and in a medium then as now populated by copious beauty, it would be inadequate and almost offensive to describe Joey Stefano as merely handsome—the man was ethereal! In his world he was a pioneer, and as such will never be superseded.

   Yet with such intrinsic Italianate perfection there came not the slightest trace of vanity. Joey was as warm and down to earth as they came. He was unique in that he was the first major gay porn star to have been almost exclusively what is known in the industry as a “power bottom”—the receptive partner in anal sex. Pre-Stefano, models bottoming in films were invariably effete and dispensable—

viewers were almost always interested only in the buffed, muscular man on top, who himself was frequently billed as straight, or “gay-for-pay”. Joey changed all of this. He was a butch, manly man, innovative in that he was the first passive partner to be completely in control of a coupling within a gay porn film. Even acknowledged, aggressive beefcakes such as Gino Colbert and Jon Vincent became submissive pussy-cats when partnering Joey Stefano!

   In the two decades since he left us, and on account of the manner of his passing, much has been written and discussed on the subject of Joey’s supposed having spent his whole adult life with his finger pressed firmly on the self-destruct button. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is but a part of the myth that has sprung up around him as often happens when a famous person unexpectedly dies while in their physical prime and at the zenith of their career. For those who knew and worked with him, Joey was invariably described as breath of fresh air, a witty and cynical young man who loved life, whose generosity towards his friends knew no bounds, but sadly a man who was all too frequently taken advantage of by those who saw him as a “soft touch”.

   This is his story…

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ireland Voting "Yes" Will Not Stop The Homophobia

In fact, it will probably get worse...

There was rejoicing on the streets of Dublin last night, now that the "majority" of Irish people have voted in favour of gay marriage, but when you study the figures, it's not as overwhelming a majority as you think. 62% of those who voted said yes, which meant that 38% said no. Like Italy, Ireland is governed by a religion which more or less says that you can sleep with whom you like so long as you confess all to the priest and ease your conscience. And there is more homosexuality in the Church than you can shake a stick at--save that instead of genuine man-to-man love, it's sly, and because it's sly the frocked ones getting much of the action actually denounce their own actions as dirty. I've personally known a few holy men like that, and it's bigotry at its most extreme.
Now, as happens elsewhere, those in the minority--the poisonous 38%--will become more vitriolic than ever. They'll be like the losing party at our last general election, and step up their campaign. They'll continue their hate campaign, there'll be kiddie-fiddling just the same, and lives will end prematurely because of prejudice. I remember one holy man who was on the front pages of our newspapers some years ago. His son had killed himself, unable to cope any longer with his "guilt". The holy man publicly stated that he was glad that his boy was dead because him being dead was more preferable to being gay. What a twat! And what a joy when soon afterwards he followed him to the grave, though I suspect father and son will not now be in the same place.
I have encountered homophobia virtually non-stop for the past twenty years--not against myself, because insults bounce off me and it's always interesting watching how this scum reacts when they get a taste of their own medicine--but against some of the subjects of my books.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course--but when homophobia leads to hatred of such a level as I have sometimes seen, and such as has been levelled against those I cared about--just think of those vile headlines written about Rock and Freddie--there is much to be said for one of my personal creeds: like racists and anti-Semites, the only good homophobe is a dead one.
What I find strange is that three subjects who were entirely gay--Freddie Mercury, Rudolph Valentino and Rock Hudson--are the ones that have had the most impact on the Irish and brought in the most listeners to my radio broadcasts there.

Of course, no one could see those listeners--just as no one can see those who voted no to the referendum, just as no one knows what their next move will be.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Few Words About Thomas Cook And Other Legal Cases

I cannot advocate that there should be a total boycott on this company after the terrible tragedy which left two children dead, and a family grieving for ever. It's up to the conscience of the individual. I am happy however that millions of pounds has been wiped off the company's shares index.
Thomas Cook refused to apologise for what had happened, claiming that it was not their fault. I don't know about anyone else, but if I book a holiday through a travel company, I like to think that I'm going to be safe. Sure, the owner of the place where this family was staying was to blame, but so too were the people who organised--and snapped up the cash--for these people to stay here.
I never use tour operators, quite simply because I don't trust them. I travel a lot, but I always make the arrangements myself, or whichever television or film company hires me does so. This way I know that I'll be safe. In the past I've had too many disasters, though nothing like what has happened to this family.
My one and only Thomas Cook experience happened a few years ago. We were flying to France, and the ticket said that there was a one-hour check in at the airport. We arrived 90 minutes before the flight and the gate was closed--we were told that the check-in on the ticket should have read 2 hours. We had to make alternative arrangements and it cost us a small fortune. Upon our return home I called in at Thomas Cook and a snooty clerk looked down her nose and said, "It's your fault. You ought to know that one-hour check-in isn't enough!" I didn't, and I sued them. A couple of their people turned up at the magistrate's court, smirking and looking down their noses. They even tried to tell the judge how to do her job. It cost them a lot of money!
I've had 28 court cases over the last thirty years--28 individuals so sure of themselves and looking down their noses, and 28 individuals laughing on the other side of their faces by the time I had finished with them whilst I was laughing all the way to the bank. On one occasion, two policemen lost their jobs. On another, a judge was removed from the court. On another, the entire staff of a nursing home was fired. The answer is simple. If you're going to take me on, make sure that you're not 100% blameless in the case involved--it's no good the relative of a deceased star suing me for insulting dear So-and-So if they are on record for saying something despicable about my wife or son! I fight dirty, and have not lost a case yet. And each time, some individual boasts, "He hasn't lost a case yet, but he will lose this one!" No, he won't, because he or one of his team meticulously checks every detail to such an extent that he knows more about his antagonist than they know about themselves. He locates every sore point, and he takes no prisoners.
Currently, I have only one court case pending--a matter of three estranged family members (well, in-laws) one of whom I believed to have been long-dead, kicking up a fuss about three very old photographs I used in one of the Nancy Sphinctergritzel books. Thus far I have been "ordered" to make a public apology to one of them. It was an "order" I could have ignored because only he--Leonard Daykin--and a few others would have recognised the little boy n the picture in a million years. I never knew it was him. I had found the picture in a box along with all the others. And of course, now that I have apologised--which meant revealing his name--he has ended up shooting himself in the foot because now the whole world knows who he is!
We had a quaint saying in my neck of the woods when I was growing up:
"If you catch a weasel asleep, you pee in its ear!"

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Introducing Joey Jenkinson

Early this year I published my autobiography~after years of lunatics threatening to publish the 'real' Bret story, when truthfully they know naff all about me and spend so much of their time yapping about me instead of getting on with their own meaningless lives~I felt the time was right to open the box on my 'perverted' life.
There have been a couple of failed law-suits, and a lot of hot air spouted by my estranged family which almost tempts me to write a little more about them, save that they are so defunct in my thoughts as to be unworthy or the effort.
Joey is a rock, and we have taken it in turns over the years to support each other. He always says that I'm the one with the brains~and he's definitely the one with the brawn. I've known him since he was seventeen. He's a distant relative--my mother's maiden name was Jenkinson--but as we were both adopted, there's no blood connection therefore he and I have never breached any code, legal or moral. We don't see each other as often as we like. He gets on with my wife, and I was witness at his civil partnership. Joey's moody and unpredictable and has a husband to die for, and he's very, very witty and I'm proud to be helping him with his literary career. His books are not for the squeamish--if you didn't know everything about man-to-man stuff before reading a Joey Jenkinson story, you certainly know everything afterwards! One, 'All About Yves', is all about him, with just a few amendments. Some years ago, he was arrested in Belgium for a crime he hadn't committed, and...well, you'll just have to read it for yourselves. My wife has just finished it, and if she says it's good, it must be!
And now, he and I are waiting for the 'experts' to tell the world about us--or what they think they know!