Friday, 24 April 2015


Yet again, an example of how the law in this country stinks.
Last week we had a peer of the realm suspected of paedophilia getting off a possible rap by claiming he had dementia, not long after he was politically active in the House of Lords, when he was not then claimed to have been doolali.
Today we have the knives out for Adam Johnson, a young footballer accused of sex offences against a 15-year old girl. What amuses is that his rap was 'delayed' so that he could play for his team and get them a few extra points. 
Also today we have a 14-year-old boy suspected of inciting terrorism to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the senseless slaughter of 140,000 people at Gallipoli. This youth, amongst other things, advocated an Isis-style beheading.
The law is the law, and must be adhered to, I guess. But why on earth have the powers that be named Adam Johnson when no charges have yet been laid--while assuring us that the terrorist cannot be named for legal reasons, because he is under-age?
If he is mature enough to wish to cause death and carnage, he is old enough to be named--though I don't doubt that by the end of the day someone will have blabbed on one of the networks, as they outed the killer of teacher Anne McGuire.
I've always been a firm advocate of the return of the death penalty for heinous crimes of which there is no shadow of a doubt, and I am sure that the woman who defended Lord Janner would not be quite so forgiving if a family member had been amongst the accusers--just as the whole of Britain, indeed of the world, would have been up in arms if this young terrorist lout had got anywhere near the beloved members of our royal family, who are attending the Anzac ceremony today. But, what will happen is this. Some do-gooder--almost certainly a matron with no experience of loss--will give the lad a pat on the back, say that it's all due to this or that, and spend a few thousand of the tax-payers' money reforming him, which of course will not work.
As the the young footballer, whether or not this is a load of hot air, how's about naming the victim too so that everyone has a fair chance? And whilst they're at it, gag that awful person who uses the pseudonym Jean Hatchet, who I'm sure will now be tweeting as though his life depends upon it. 

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