Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Say what you will about Katie Hopkins, she makes herself heard and does not sit on the fence. This country needs more like her, and the majority of people in this country thinks exactly the way she thinks, but does not  want to schlep up and admit it.
This Blog gets on average 10,000 hits a week--more if the subject is more contentious than usual. This is not a boast, but a fact, therefore I would like to think that some of these people do listen to what I have to say. Some of them certainly have a lot to say about me, which is better than being ignored. Katie and I have one thing in common: we say what a lot of people would like to say, but do not have the guts to do so. We must also be making our mark. I can think of at least half a dozen Blog hosts who have Katie and I on their one-cell brains from getting up in a morning to going to bed at night and who write about nothing but we two--which means we have one up on them is that whilst they are ignored, we are not.

Since I and the team joined forces with our "Save Katie" campaign, we've garnished a more than tidy amount of support for this honest lady. Hopefully this Blog entry will garnish more.
Katie made a few comments of late which raised a few hackles, and I would suggest that the majority of those hackles belong to bigots--and where there's a bigot, there's usually a lot of mouth but a distinct lack of brain-cells.

She wrote that, in view of the current NHS crisis, dementia patients are blocking beds. That's like saying that water is wet--it is that obvious. We are living longer than we used to. I went through three years of anguish with my mother-in-law. She lost her mind completely, towards the end she was screeching the place down from morning until night, she could not keep anything down or anything in at the other end. I said to Jeanne, 'If that ever happens to me, give me a needle.' Most people would not think twice were it a pet dog or cat--through sheer love and devotion they would have their beloved pet put to sleep to save it from suffering. Katie--and myself--gave a personal opinion of what WE would wish for, if this was us. So too did the late Terry Pratchett, and we have been recently joined by Sir Bruce Forsyth. We do not advocate obligatory euthanasia. We are entitled to our opinion in what is supposed to be a democratic society, as are others entitled to their opinion about us. We're wise enough to ignore the bigots.

Katie spoke about the pariah which some migrants have become, as has Nigel Farage, who I am beginning to admire more and more each day. This is not racism--it is common sense. The do-gooders who attack Hopkins and Farage for their opinions on this matter would soon turn the other cheek if their local authority suggested a family of Somalis or Iraquis living in a shed at the bottom of their garden and having to share their bathroom facilities.

Australia doesn't want these people, and neither do we--with the odd exception. Nigel Farage said this morning that those crossing the Med from North Africa to Italy, on non-seaworthy vessels, should be placed on seaworthy vessels and returned to where they came from--the exception being the genuine cases, such as persecuted Christians. I agree wholeheartedly. At some stage, someone will have no option than to put up those "HOUSE FULL" signs. Unless this happens, this island of ours--where many of them will eventually end up because Britain has always been a soft touch--will become too over-populated and sink like one of their ships.

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