Friday, 24 April 2015


Yet again, an example of how the law in this country stinks.
Last week we had a peer of the realm suspected of paedophilia getting off a possible rap by claiming he had dementia, not long after he was politically active in the House of Lords, when he was not then claimed to have been doolali.
Today we have the knives out for Adam Johnson, a young footballer accused of sex offences against a 15-year old girl. What amuses is that his rap was 'delayed' so that he could play for his team and get them a few extra points. 
Also today we have a 14-year-old boy suspected of inciting terrorism to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the senseless slaughter of 140,000 people at Gallipoli. This youth, amongst other things, advocated an Isis-style beheading.
The law is the law, and must be adhered to, I guess. But why on earth have the powers that be named Adam Johnson when no charges have yet been laid--while assuring us that the terrorist cannot be named for legal reasons, because he is under-age?
If he is mature enough to wish to cause death and carnage, he is old enough to be named--though I don't doubt that by the end of the day someone will have blabbed on one of the networks, as they outed the killer of teacher Anne McGuire.
I've always been a firm advocate of the return of the death penalty for heinous crimes of which there is no shadow of a doubt, and I am sure that the woman who defended Lord Janner would not be quite so forgiving if a family member had been amongst the accusers--just as the whole of Britain, indeed of the world, would have been up in arms if this young terrorist lout had got anywhere near the beloved members of our royal family, who are attending the Anzac ceremony today. But, what will happen is this. Some do-gooder--almost certainly a matron with no experience of loss--will give the lad a pat on the back, say that it's all due to this or that, and spend a few thousand of the tax-payers' money reforming him, which of course will not work.
As the the young footballer, whether or not this is a load of hot air, how's about naming the victim too so that everyone has a fair chance? And whilst they're at it, gag that awful person who uses the pseudonym Jean Hatchet, who I'm sure will now be tweeting as though his life depends upon it. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Say what you will about Katie Hopkins, she makes herself heard and does not sit on the fence. This country needs more like her, and the majority of people in this country thinks exactly the way she thinks, but does not  want to schlep up and admit it.
This Blog gets on average 10,000 hits a week--more if the subject is more contentious than usual. This is not a boast, but a fact, therefore I would like to think that some of these people do listen to what I have to say. Some of them certainly have a lot to say about me, which is better than being ignored. Katie and I have one thing in common: we say what a lot of people would like to say, but do not have the guts to do so. We must also be making our mark. I can think of at least half a dozen Blog hosts who have Katie and I on their one-cell brains from getting up in a morning to going to bed at night and who write about nothing but we two--which means we have one up on them is that whilst they are ignored, we are not.

Since I and the team joined forces with our "Save Katie" campaign, we've garnished a more than tidy amount of support for this honest lady. Hopefully this Blog entry will garnish more.
Katie made a few comments of late which raised a few hackles, and I would suggest that the majority of those hackles belong to bigots--and where there's a bigot, there's usually a lot of mouth but a distinct lack of brain-cells.

She wrote that, in view of the current NHS crisis, dementia patients are blocking beds. That's like saying that water is wet--it is that obvious. We are living longer than we used to. I went through three years of anguish with my mother-in-law. She lost her mind completely, towards the end she was screeching the place down from morning until night, she could not keep anything down or anything in at the other end. I said to Jeanne, 'If that ever happens to me, give me a needle.' Most people would not think twice were it a pet dog or cat--through sheer love and devotion they would have their beloved pet put to sleep to save it from suffering. Katie--and myself--gave a personal opinion of what WE would wish for, if this was us. So too did the late Terry Pratchett, and we have been recently joined by Sir Bruce Forsyth. We do not advocate obligatory euthanasia. We are entitled to our opinion in what is supposed to be a democratic society, as are others entitled to their opinion about us. We're wise enough to ignore the bigots.

Katie spoke about the pariah which some migrants have become, as has Nigel Farage, who I am beginning to admire more and more each day. This is not racism--it is common sense. The do-gooders who attack Hopkins and Farage for their opinions on this matter would soon turn the other cheek if their local authority suggested a family of Somalis or Iraquis living in a shed at the bottom of their garden and having to share their bathroom facilities.

Australia doesn't want these people, and neither do we--with the odd exception. Nigel Farage said this morning that those crossing the Med from North Africa to Italy, on non-seaworthy vessels, should be placed on seaworthy vessels and returned to where they came from--the exception being the genuine cases, such as persecuted Christians. I agree wholeheartedly. At some stage, someone will have no option than to put up those "HOUSE FULL" signs. Unless this happens, this island of ours--where many of them will eventually end up because Britain has always been a soft touch--will become too over-populated and sink like one of their ships.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Joseph Sciambra: Homophobic Bible-Bashing Scum

Those who know and follow me here--and there are a lot of you, for which I am eternally grateful--know exactly what I think about homophobes, racists and other low-life. I've come across this creep before--and not in the way dozens of others have in his mucky films--and I can tell you, he makes some of the other homophobes sound like Martin Luther King. This is the toad who went into the room where Joey Stefano died and started spouting his religious crap. And anyone who picks on Joey or any other of my friends gets no mercy from me--and invariably never likes getting a taste of their own medicine. Hypocrite does not even begin to describe him. Like the holy man who writes all kinds of homophobic things about me--and then goes off to enjoy a little man-to-man fun with one or more members of his flock--Joseph Scumbria thinks it's okay to have earned a living from cock films, to have had more of what the cat licks than most, and then to condemn all those lovely men, many of whom are no longer with us and unable to defend themselves, to eternal damnation. I haven't read his latest spiel, and certainly do not want to watch him because doing so makes my stomach heave. It would be rather nice, though, to read his obituary. I mean, if God loves him so much while hating us, then you would think God would want him by his side, wouldn't you?

From Pink News

US gay porn star turned ‘ex-gay’ Christian fundamentalist Joseph Sciambra has recorded a bizarre video where he claims that anal sex causes gay men to give birth to the devil.
In the video, Sciambra who formerly appeared in gay porn for many years says that after finding God, he sought hospitalisation following damage caused to his rectum that meant he had to have his “sphincters almost stitched shut.”
In the video he said: “I’m going to talk about the devil and why he loves anal sex. Anal sex releases into the world rare demonic entities and that even in the body could be conceived as the devil and that would be given birth to anally.
Describing his experiences in the porn industry he said:”There is a definite dark shadow when you are involved with this stuff. I did BDSM bondage porn.”
Warning the viewers of his ministry, Sciambra said :The anus was never designed by nature to accommodate the penis. It just wasn’t meant to be. When you do get involved with that activity it causes a lot of physical damage- I can testify that first hand. When I got out of porn, I started having problems straight away. About two years later, I had surgery, it was horrible I had to have my sphincters almost stitched shut.”
Concluding his video, the former porn star tells viewers about the “spiritual and mental damage that anal sex can do. I do believe that it creates a doorway literally into the demonic, the supernatural.”
Scimabra writes a blog entitled “How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Homosexuality, Pornography, and the Occult.”

Friday, 17 April 2015

Lord Jammer: Why Our Justice System Sometimes Stinks

A lunatic concocted a charge against me--I fought back, one policeman was disciplined and another suspended from duty weeks ahead of his wedding. Tough titties. The British authorities need to realise that they're not the only ones with brains.
In a few weeks time we'll be having a general election, so I assume that he powers that be may be treading carefully where the Lord Jammer case is concerned--NOT accusing, just saying. MP So-and-So wouldn't want to lose votes by being seen to support justice--just saying, again.
A few years ago, AFTER being diagnosed with dementia--allegedly--this ancient holier-than-thou made some pretty damning statements about Nazi war criminals, saying that it didn't matter how old or ill they were, they needed to pay the piper.  
Now the jackboot's on the other foot, the powers that be--a woman in authority who might be wailing a different tune has his lordship had his fingers in her cookie jar is saying that it would not be in the public interest to put this alleged old pervert on trial. Other sources are stating that his lordship is only alleged--that word again--to be doolali, and that last summer he was fine. Time then to return to the age of the ducking stool, figuratively speaking. Wheel the old goat out and give him a public examination, and then decide what to do with him--though with such a procedure there'll be so much red tape, he'll have probably snuffed it and got away with his alleged crimes.
Then there's the matter of his family, who declare that he is innocent. How do they know this? Have they tagged his genitalia and alleged roaming hands for he last forty years.
In France we have a law. If someone dies in debt, there next of kin is legally bound to pay off those debts. Might I suggest something here in the same line of thought? If Lord Jammer's family are so sure that he is innocent, put them on trial and make them prove that he is--and if they can't, then let them be prosecuted in his stead.
And if Lord Jammer IS examined and revealed to sane--lock him inside a white room and never open the door again.

'Paedophile' Labour peer who'll NEVER face justice: Victims' despair and police fury as law chief says Greville Janner will not be charged with 22 sex attacks on children because he 'has Alzheimer's' 

  • Lord Janner will not face prosecution despite facing credible evidence 
  • Director of Public Prosecutions says decision comes with 'deep regret' 
  • Alison Saunders tells of botched investigations in 1991, 2002 and 2007
  • Former Labour MP allegedly preyed on boys in 1960s, 1970s and 1980s

Allegations: Veteran peer Lord Janner (pictured in 2002) has repeatedly denied claims he abused young boys at care homes and is now not fit to stand trial despite 'credible evidence'
Allegations: Veteran peer Lord Janner (pictured in 2002) has repeatedly denied claims he abused young boys at care homes and is now not fit to stand trial despite 'credible evidence'
Alleged child abuse victims of Labour peer Greville Janner last night accused police and prosecutors of a 45-year cover-up over a tidal wave of evidence he is a predatory paedophile.
The 86-year-old party grandee was accused of being ‘Labour’s Cyril Smith’ and an ‘animal’ as prosecutors revealed he escaped prosecution three times over 16 years thanks to botched investigations.
Janner is accused of preying on vulnerable boys at three Leicester care homes between 1969 and 1988. Prosecutors said there remained an ‘overwhelming case’ to charge the former MP with 22 sex attacks on nine victims in children’s care homes – the youngest of whom was just ten.
But furious victims reacted with outrage after the Crown Prosecution Service said it would not try the former Leicester MP because he was suffering so much from Alzheimer’s that he could not even understand any charges against him, let alone answer them.
They accused bungling authorities of helping to cover up the crimes of a once powerful man and destroying any hope they had of justice. Child protection campaigners, MPs, police and victims said they would challenge the decision in the courts.
Lord Janner voted in the Lords 210 times between his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and the end of 2013, suggesting he might have been fit to stand trial if the authorities had acted sooner.
Last night it emerged that senior Labour MP Keith Vaz was one of 16 MPs who publicly defended Greville Janner against child sex abuse allegations at a time when prosecutors now admit the peer should have faced trial.
Mr Vaz said in 1991 that Lord Janner had been the victim of a ‘wicked attack’ and campaigned for a change in the law to prevent any repeat. Mr Vaz, the Labour candidate for Leicester East, praised Lord Janner as a ‘great survivor’.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015


After all those pictures and articles about vulgar and horrible women, the perfect antidote is a clutch of pictures of the most beautiful man to have ever appeared on the screen!
(One taken by me during!)

Monday, 13 April 2015


Viv Nicholson was the filthiest-mouthed woman I ever encountered, and of course because she was 'a Yorkshire lass who made good', her puerility became a source of amusement--pretty like the trio of elderly reprobates who were making vulgar fools of themselves last week on 'OAPs Behaving Badly'. like them she would not use a ladies powder-room if there was a gutter available, and like them her behaviour put her in the same class as the likes as that other revolting creature I had the misfortune to work with: Lynn Perrie.
Back in the 1970s when I was performing in the clubs, I happened to have an engagement in Castleford, where Viv was celebrating her birthday with friends--she acquired quite a few of these after winning the football pools, then squandering away every penny. After my set, Viv clambered on to the stage and attempted to sing 'My Way'--stopping halfway through to break wind down the mike and then bark at the pianist, 'Fuck me, I've just shit myself!' The lady had class, and proved this later in the evening when she barged into the gents' toilet and used the urinal.
A few years later when I was living and working in Wakefield, she came into the shop trying to sell us copies of 'The Watchtower'. She had become a Jehovah's Witness, a movement which in my eyes equates to being a member of the Pro-Homophobia League or the BNP. She started spouting about Jesus and blood-donors, and was shown the door when she told an assistant that his friend's wife who had recently had a life-saving operation would not go to heaven because she had been transfused with Satan.
Even more years later, Viv augmented the Morrissey set and our paths crossed again--this time in London, where she was still spouting God. Mozza had used her picture on a record sleeve and the NME, not the kindest of music-rags, had mistaken her for Myra Hindley. Her language and behaviour was no less profane than it had always been, save that now she had an excuse--The Lord, she said, had accepted her as she was.
I last saw her two years ago. She was in a nursing home, still effing and puffing--and bashing that Bible. Still a mucky old woman.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

OAPs Behaving Badly & Bringing Shame On A South Yorkshire Community

[photograph courtesy of Metro]

Over the past few nights, British television has sunk to new depths of puerility. First there was a documentary about American grandmothers and their young male lovers. Did we really need to see an 80 year old woman having anal sex up against a tree, next to the main road, with a 30 year old man? Did we need to hear a 90 year old woman saying that she is still a 'squirter'?
Last night, on Channel Five, the depths of depravity plunged even further and took on a more personal tone--elderly ladies from a few streets where I was raised, in the South Yorkshire town of Wath-on-Dearne. I won't say here what these repulsive old biddies were doing, but suffice to say their actions might have been considered too irregular for regular porn--the sort of stuff you would fnd under the counter because it's too vulgar to be even displayed on a top shelf.
Needless to say I have hauled over the ropes by a few locals for criticising the programme.
Anne Mcintyre thinks that I am obtuse, and that I believe that ladies of a certain age need to spend their dotage knitting next to the fire.
No dear, that's not what I think--but a 70-year-old running around naked in a Spanish bar, an another pushing her fingers inside her downstairs bits is not what anyone should be doing, and most certainly on national television!
Ms Mcintyre concluded that I have insulted a beloved family member. No, dear. The beloved family member has insulted an entire community--there are those in the world gullible enough to believe that all elderly women from Wath-on-Dearne behave like trollops when they go on holiday. The ladies that I knew there, are nothing of the kind. They are decent and would never dream of behaving so utterly despicably.
Debbie Harrison feels that such females should not be denounced as 'gutter trash', especially when I do not know them. Darling, I would not WANT to know anyone who behaves like this in a public place, and neither I should imagine would any other decent person! But, if you feel that this makes me a chauvinistic bigot, then I am proud to be thus described! Incidentally, a bigot is someone who condemns someone else for doing what they themselves do. I can say, hand on heart, that I have never stripped naked in a bar and groped a waiter whilst wearing a dildo on my nose!
Michelle Fisher bemoans my comment that one of these females donned a wig and resembled Arhur Mullard (apologies to Mr Mullard) while I condemned one of her friends for what he said about my wife. To reiterate, I said the female looked like Arthur Mullard because she did--her friend said that my wife was a 'c**t' who resembles Professor Stephen Hawkins, neither of which are true.
In conclusion. There was a time when the Barnsley area was renowned for its slag-heaps.
Now it will be renowned for just the former.