Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Dorothy Squires On Her Centenary

It's incredible that Dot would have turned 100 today, and ironic that tomorrow they will be burying Richard III--the last time we hit the town with Dot was in Leicester, though we talked and met many times after this. The picture above, now in the public domain, was taken by my wife.
Dot was in my opinion the greatest singer this country has ever produced, and it was an honour to write and work with her--GĂ©rard Berliner and I wrote her a song which she taped in 1990. At her parties, she had the likes of myself and Derek Dougan walking around with the trays of drinks, while Jeanne snapped away with her camera. We all had such fun, and the memories of those occasions will last for ever.
Dot's memoirs were banned from being published--there would have been 156 libel cases thrown at her, and she refused to change a word. In 1992 she entrusted most of the script to me--her instruction was that I should write her story the way she wanted it to be written. Most of the protagonists are dead. The main one, though he kindly paid for her funeral, is still with us. I feel that when he goes, I will write her story.
Dot has one thing in common with another that I was very fond of--Joey Stefano. This is prejudice from beyond the grave. With Joey, I took the ultimate step of financing and publishing the book myself, and I feel that I will do the same thing with Dot, when the time comes.
For now, I content myself with listening to her magnificent recorded legacy--we were present when the live recording were made, and these were thrilling events.
Sleep on, Dot. We love you still!

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