Thursday, 26 March 2015

Joey Stefano & Richard III: Two Heroes United Within One Heart

These two men lived five centuries apart. Both were maligned in the wake of their deaths, by purists, bigots, and writers who did their utmost to sully their reputations.
Today, Richard was finally laid to rest--and on the very same day, purposely orchestrated, Joey's true story has been published worldwide.
We are yet to prove Richard 100% innocent of alleged crimes--though I've never believed him guilty for one second--but over the past few years we have flattened much of the Tudor propaganda in proving that he was not a small, ugly hunchback with a withered arm, but a tall, handsome and muscular man who suffered from scoliosis.
Joey likewise did not spend his entire adult life with his finger on the self destruct button, and neither was he HIV positive at the time of his death.
Two beautiful souls close to my heart, my greatest ever heroes.

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