Saturday, 7 March 2015

Joey Stefano: The Biography Coming Soon

Coming soon...

Joey Stefano (1968-94)
Born into a middle-class family in Chester, Pennsylvania, on New Year’s Day 1968, Nick Iacona was blessed with an ethereal beauty. Sexually abused by his father, he left home at fifteen, after his father’s death, to hustle on the streets of Los Angeles, changed his name to Joey Stefano, and virtually overnight became one of the most feted gay porn stars in the world. Yet despite his tremendous success and the adoration of thousands of fans, Joey always seemed to hold himself responsible for the traumas of his youth, never coming to terms with the fact that his father’s death had come as a blessing, enabling his torment to stop. Much has been written about Joey’s drug-taking, which saw him dead at just twenty-six, and the very mistaken theory that his entire adult life had been spent with his finger pressed firmly on the self-destruct button. This is untrue. The sex industry was no different in Joey’s day than the rock and pop scene in that, for many, drugs and wild parties were but component of everyday life. Joey, sadly, was one of the unlucky ones. In this very affectionate biography of the man he so obviously revered, best-selling biographer David Bret focuses not on Joey’s often misinformed failures, but on the brief and wonderful life that he lived, his career, and the priceless legacy of eclectic films he left behind for his fans to remember him by.

Joey Stefano: The Life, Loves & Legacy of the Prince of Passion includes full listings of all 59 of Joey’s films, including music videos. 

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