Monday, 9 March 2015

Jagger The Red Setter: Could The Sun Newspaper Get Any More Callous?

Just when you think the country's vilest chipwrap can't sink any lower, it does, courtesy of a hack named Rachael Burnett who thinks that all of a sudden she's a comedian.
This beautiful dog was poisoned, and all that this callous creep can do is write puns on the tragedy:
"Following All Leads" and "Murder In The First Pedigree".
Some time ago, after The Sun nabbed me--a case which is ongoing even after two years--and I wrote that my dream would be to recreate the Morrissey dream-wish appertaining to Johnny Rogan, which would see the journalists who persecuted me ending up in a smash on the M1, or somewhere like that. Like Moz and his high-court judges I do hold grudges, and spectacularly so.
Moz wanted Johnny to die in a smash, and when Rogan said he didn't drive, the fatwah wish was changed to a hotel fire.
Not that I would wish harm on Revolting Rachel or any member of her family, if she has one, in a million years..
This dog was someone's child, and a "soother" who visited elderly people in care homes. He was loved. How would this hack feel, then, if one of her loved ones died tragically, and someone splashed a headline about this...using a pun on the name 'Burnett'.
Not very good, I should imagine.
As for poor Jagger--he was a million times more human than any Sun journalist will ever be. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it! 

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