Saturday, 21 March 2015

David Starkey: Pompous Blithering Numbskull Re Richard III 'Conclusion'

What a pompous, blithering idiot this man is. The last time I saw him he was blasting very unsavoury remarks on Question Time.
The debate/documentary on Richard III and the Princes In The Tower was sound as a pound until he delivered his final verdict--that he believed that Richard was the killer because Henry Tudor and his Queen were in on Tyrell's interrogation.
What a load of tripe!
But, the best was yet to come. I'm not sure if Starkey was aiming for an epileptic fit or merely in the throes of ejaculation when he pronounced that he believed 99% of the Thomas More story.
For those not in the know, More penned a piece of Tudor propaganda wherein he stated that Richard had been gestated for THREE YEARS, and that he was born with teeth and eating live frogs.
There I rest my case.

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