Thursday, 12 March 2015

Britain's Latest Ebola Folly

Am I sticking my neck out here in saying that they should have left the Ebola patient where she was?
Someone is bound to make a gaff, and then we'll end up with an epidemic. With NHS resources strapped because our government would rather give money to foreign aid no-hope cases than look after its own, it's bound to happen. This week we have Red Nose Day and people will be giving millions. Would they give millions for home causes, such as tackling issues like Alzheimer's? I doubt it. Morrissey was right when he refused to participate in Band Aid, saying, "Would they all be so eager if it was for poor, ill and starving people in Britain?"
This country is insane. They will take in anybody at the drop of a hat. That's why it's become unsafe to walk the streets of our cities. And when terrorists leave--good riddance to them, such as the 'missing schoolgirls'--they pull out all the stops to get them back so that they might have a chance to blow us all up! If they catch Jehadi John, they'll pamper him and keep him in prison for months before bringing him to trial, especially now there's a general election in the offing. It seems to me that the party leaders are more interested in scoring points off each other in the run-up to this than they are in the welfare of the people. 
Nurses know what they are letting themselves in for when they go to Africa, therefore they should be made to face whatever consequences happen while they are there. Cruel, I know, but it makes sense. The last Ebola patient we had here made umpteen stops before ending up in hospital. Think about what happened a few centuries ago in Eyam. Common sense prevailed then, and it should prevail now.

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