Thursday, 26 March 2015

Joey Stefano & Richard III: Two Heroes United Within One Heart

These two men lived five centuries apart. Both were maligned in the wake of their deaths, by purists, bigots, and writers who did their utmost to sully their reputations.
Today, Richard was finally laid to rest--and on the very same day, purposely orchestrated, Joey's true story has been published worldwide.
We are yet to prove Richard 100% innocent of alleged crimes--though I've never believed him guilty for one second--but over the past few years we have flattened much of the Tudor propaganda in proving that he was not a small, ugly hunchback with a withered arm, but a tall, handsome and muscular man who suffered from scoliosis.
Joey likewise did not spend his entire adult life with his finger on the self destruct button, and neither was he HIV positive at the time of his death.
Two beautiful souls close to my heart, my greatest ever heroes.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Dorothy Squires On Her Centenary

It's incredible that Dot would have turned 100 today, and ironic that tomorrow they will be burying Richard III--the last time we hit the town with Dot was in Leicester, though we talked and met many times after this. The picture above, now in the public domain, was taken by my wife.
Dot was in my opinion the greatest singer this country has ever produced, and it was an honour to write and work with her--Gérard Berliner and I wrote her a song which she taped in 1990. At her parties, she had the likes of myself and Derek Dougan walking around with the trays of drinks, while Jeanne snapped away with her camera. We all had such fun, and the memories of those occasions will last for ever.
Dot's memoirs were banned from being published--there would have been 156 libel cases thrown at her, and she refused to change a word. In 1992 she entrusted most of the script to me--her instruction was that I should write her story the way she wanted it to be written. Most of the protagonists are dead. The main one, though he kindly paid for her funeral, is still with us. I feel that when he goes, I will write her story.
Dot has one thing in common with another that I was very fond of--Joey Stefano. This is prejudice from beyond the grave. With Joey, I took the ultimate step of financing and publishing the book myself, and I feel that I will do the same thing with Dot, when the time comes.
For now, I content myself with listening to her magnificent recorded legacy--we were present when the live recording were made, and these were thrilling events.
Sleep on, Dot. We love you still!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Attacks On Richard III & Philippa Langley: Why Do Self-Professed Experts Have To Be So Vile?

Yesterday was a beautiful but sad day. They handed over the remains of a King, ahead of his funeral this Thursday. Revealing his identity on 4 February 2013--what would have been my mother's birthday--was quite possibly the happiest day of my life.
All of this we owe to one remarkable lady, Philippa Langley, who dedicated ten years of her life trying to find his remains. While the likes of Bradley Wiggins acquire knighthoods for winning a bike race, Philippa has received no reward--and should. Also, the time is here when they should examine the bones in Westminster Abbey, now that we have Richard's DNA to compare by.
Richard III was important. This is why ALL the faiths came together yesterday, why there are sermons by the Archbishop of Canterbury AND the head of the Catholic Church, why there were Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Jews in the cathedral to pay their respects.
Then, in the debate which followed, we were treated to the unwanted opinions of the utterly odious Dr David Starkey. This puerile, gurning, cringeworthy, simpering old buffoon should NOT have been allowed anywhere near such a reverent event. Imagine how you would feel if you were burying your much-loved mother and someone gave a speech declaring what a whore or cow she had been? He was rude to Philippa, and to Philippa Gregory, a fine writer who gave us 'The White Queen'. He believes 99% that Richard killed the Princes, and follows Thomas More's tome to the letter--that Richard was gestated for three years, and that he was born with teeth and eating live frogs! Prior to this, he had been severely criticised for comments about other subjects in other television debates. He is not a nice person at all.
The literary world is filled with so-called experts, most of who are defined thus not by their peers, but by themselves. Starkey may be an exception in that he is one of the few self-professed experts to have enjoyed some degree of success, mindless of the fact that it is very strictly against the literary rules for one writer to publicly condemn another--a surefire recipe for failure. And what these 'experts' fail to realise--their senses drowned by their pontifications of self-adoration to such an extent that they start to believe that they are something they will never be--is that the entire world despises them and is laughing at them behind their backs.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

David Starkey: Pompous Blithering Numbskull Re Richard III 'Conclusion'

What a pompous, blithering idiot this man is. The last time I saw him he was blasting very unsavoury remarks on Question Time.
The debate/documentary on Richard III and the Princes In The Tower was sound as a pound until he delivered his final verdict--that he believed that Richard was the killer because Henry Tudor and his Queen were in on Tyrell's interrogation.
What a load of tripe!
But, the best was yet to come. I'm not sure if Starkey was aiming for an epileptic fit or merely in the throes of ejaculation when he pronounced that he believed 99% of the Thomas More story.
For those not in the know, More penned a piece of Tudor propaganda wherein he stated that Richard had been gestated for THREE YEARS, and that he was born with teeth and eating live frogs.
There I rest my case.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


The Joey Stefano biography is now available at, and will be officially released on Amazon in around 4 weeks time. The e-book will be published next week.
This has been an emotional rollercoaster--a very personal journey because, Marlene aside, Joey was closer to me personally than all the others.

Joey Stefano: The Life, Loves & Legacy of the Prince of PassionBy David Bret
Paperback: List Price: £10.99 £9.89 | You Save: 10%
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Joey Stefano (1968-94) Nick Iacona was blessed with ethereal beauty. Sexually abused by his father, he left his Philadelphia home at 15 to hustle in Los Angeles, changed his name to Joey Stefano, and became one of the world’s most feted gay porn stars. Yet despite his success he held himself responsible for the traumas of his youth. Much has been written about Joey’s drug-taking which saw him dead at 26, and the mistaken theory that his life had been spent with his finger on the self-destruct button. This is untrue. The sex industry was no different than the rock scene in that for many, drugs were a part of everyday life. Joey was one of the unlucky ones. In this affectionate biography, David Bret focuses not on Joey’s misinformed failures, but on the wonderful life that he lived, his career, and the priceless legacy he left behind for his fans to remember him by. Includes full listings of all 60 of Joey’s films, including music videos.WARNING: Contains adult content of a sexual nature.< Less

Britain's Latest Ebola Folly

Am I sticking my neck out here in saying that they should have left the Ebola patient where she was?
Someone is bound to make a gaff, and then we'll end up with an epidemic. With NHS resources strapped because our government would rather give money to foreign aid no-hope cases than look after its own, it's bound to happen. This week we have Red Nose Day and people will be giving millions. Would they give millions for home causes, such as tackling issues like Alzheimer's? I doubt it. Morrissey was right when he refused to participate in Band Aid, saying, "Would they all be so eager if it was for poor, ill and starving people in Britain?"
This country is insane. They will take in anybody at the drop of a hat. That's why it's become unsafe to walk the streets of our cities. And when terrorists leave--good riddance to them, such as the 'missing schoolgirls'--they pull out all the stops to get them back so that they might have a chance to blow us all up! If they catch Jehadi John, they'll pamper him and keep him in prison for months before bringing him to trial, especially now there's a general election in the offing. It seems to me that the party leaders are more interested in scoring points off each other in the run-up to this than they are in the welfare of the people. 
Nurses know what they are letting themselves in for when they go to Africa, therefore they should be made to face whatever consequences happen while they are there. Cruel, I know, but it makes sense. The last Ebola patient we had here made umpteen stops before ending up in hospital. Think about what happened a few centuries ago in Eyam. Common sense prevailed then, and it should prevail now.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

RIP Alexis Vastine: A Class Act

The whole of France is in mourning today for Alexis and the seven others who died in the South American helicopter crash, and the boxing world in particular for the loss of on of its brightest stars.
The only time I ever cursed Amir Khan--our own legend and a personal hero and acquaintance--was when he KO'd Alexis.
Words cannot express our sadness for his loved ones--it's only two months ago that his sister, also a boxer, was killed in a car crash.
Reste en paix, mon ami. On t'a aimé...

Monday, 9 March 2015

Jagger The Red Setter: Could The Sun Newspaper Get Any More Callous?

Just when you think the country's vilest chipwrap can't sink any lower, it does, courtesy of a hack named Rachael Burnett who thinks that all of a sudden she's a comedian.
This beautiful dog was poisoned, and all that this callous creep can do is write puns on the tragedy:
"Following All Leads" and "Murder In The First Pedigree".
Some time ago, after The Sun nabbed me--a case which is ongoing even after two years--and I wrote that my dream would be to recreate the Morrissey dream-wish appertaining to Johnny Rogan, which would see the journalists who persecuted me ending up in a smash on the M1, or somewhere like that. Like Moz and his high-court judges I do hold grudges, and spectacularly so.
Moz wanted Johnny to die in a smash, and when Rogan said he didn't drive, the fatwah wish was changed to a hotel fire.
Not that I would wish harm on Revolting Rachel or any member of her family, if she has one, in a million years..
This dog was someone's child, and a "soother" who visited elderly people in care homes. He was loved. How would this hack feel, then, if one of her loved ones died tragically, and someone splashed a headline about this...using a pun on the name 'Burnett'.
Not very good, I should imagine.
As for poor Jagger--he was a million times more human than any Sun journalist will ever be. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it! 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Joey Stefano: The Biography Coming Soon

Coming soon...

Joey Stefano (1968-94)
Born into a middle-class family in Chester, Pennsylvania, on New Year’s Day 1968, Nick Iacona was blessed with an ethereal beauty. Sexually abused by his father, he left home at fifteen, after his father’s death, to hustle on the streets of Los Angeles, changed his name to Joey Stefano, and virtually overnight became one of the most feted gay porn stars in the world. Yet despite his tremendous success and the adoration of thousands of fans, Joey always seemed to hold himself responsible for the traumas of his youth, never coming to terms with the fact that his father’s death had come as a blessing, enabling his torment to stop. Much has been written about Joey’s drug-taking, which saw him dead at just twenty-six, and the very mistaken theory that his entire adult life had been spent with his finger pressed firmly on the self-destruct button. This is untrue. The sex industry was no different in Joey’s day than the rock and pop scene in that, for many, drugs and wild parties were but component of everyday life. Joey, sadly, was one of the unlucky ones. In this very affectionate biography of the man he so obviously revered, best-selling biographer David Bret focuses not on Joey’s often misinformed failures, but on the brief and wonderful life that he lived, his career, and the priceless legacy of eclectic films he left behind for his fans to remember him by.

Joey Stefano: The Life, Loves & Legacy of the Prince of Passion includes full listings of all 59 of Joey’s films, including music videos.