Saturday, 21 February 2015

Regarding Alleged Schoolgirl Recruits

The airwaves are buzzing today with the news that three schoolgirls have headed to Syria to allegedly become 'Isis brides', and that Britain wants them back. Has Britain been asked, and made a unanimous response? I think not.

I don't believe for one moment that these girls were 'groomed'. They are said to have attended a good school and to be highly intelligent. In my opinion they knew exactly what they were doing, and I would feel very concerned if they lived around the corner from me and came back home having acquired goodness knows what knowledge while over there.
There's a lot to be said as to why we have a problem with terrorists. Politicians around the world poking their noses into other people's affairs. We never had this in the Sixties when I was growing up. Different countries have different ways in dealing with their problems, whether this be problems political or social. We have our rules and way of life, they have theirs. We may not agree with some of the things these countries do, and we may think them barbaric and behind the times. Whatever our thoughts, it is not our duty to interfere unless it actually involves us, which if one goes back in time one finds that it did not until we made it so. Go back to the Crusades and you will read a lot about 'saintly' Christians persecuting the so-called 'Infidels'. And what good did it do? Even them, England was wallowing in its own mess without interfering in something that was no concern of theirs.
Regarding the errant schoolgirls, the message is simple. They went to Syria of their own volition. Let them stay there, so that the rest of us may sleep safely in our beds on a night.

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