Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fat People On Mobility Scooters: Bravo Katie Hopkins!


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for mobility scooters--when they're used for what they're intended, ie. people who genuinely have difficulty getting around.
Yesterday, Katie Hopkins--a fine woman and a lady I admire, though I'm well aware she finds it hard getting compliments--commented that these contraptions are a walking advert for KFC.
Bravo, Katie!
It used to be a hazard crossing the dual carriageway during my weekly walk into town. Motorists and lorries thundering by and hitting potholes--not good if it's been raining. Cyclists who cannot tell the difference between the pavement and the road.
Last week I encountered half a dozen mobility scooter Stirling Moss aficionados. Every single one of them similarly contained an aficionado of the kebab shop--not one under forty. Under forty years, and perhaps barely under forty stones. In Sainsbury's it was worse--like a racetrack as they charged around, hitting stacks of groceries and trolleys, getting stuck between the checkouts. And when you see what they have in their own trolleys--chips, burgers, fizzy drinks, chocolates and cakes--in fact, every item you could name which makes them too fat to walk like the rest of us. Oh, and invariably on the way out, they knock over the newspaper stand as they head for their weekend ration of Benson & Hedges.
My opinion--unless these people have a solid, doctor's recommendation that they need to ride around and create havoc in these contraptions, they should be taxed like cars. And like cars, they should be made to ride them on the road. Maybe if that happened, some similarly obese politician might do something about what has become a pariah.

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