Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Few Observations About Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is the biggest horror story to hit the shores of Britain in decades. He is the worst possible example of an American, the worst possible representative of the gay community, and indeed the worst example of all that may be bad of the human race.
The man is a bully with a mouth the size of a barn-door, and like all bullies does not like getting a taste of his own medicine. Like all bullies, when exposed for the dung-beetle that he is, he blubbers and plays the victim--and succeeds only in making himself look an even bigger idiot than he is already. He spouts in his blog, and he genuinely believes that the world and it's mother loves him and supports his cause--when the exact opposite applies. He blasts into England thinking that he owns the place, he tries to make us laugh with a non-existent sense of humour reserved for cheap American chat shows where canned laughter rules, and he is too stupid to understand irony, sarcasm and satire of a country which has Great in its name.
On 'Celebrity Big Brother', Perez Hilton asked two young women to perform a lesbian act to gain viewers attention. He insulted someone to such an extent that they walked off the show. He has what equates to a twenty-wanks-a-day obsession with Katie Hopkins, who has more intelligence in her little finger nail than he has in his entire flabby frame. He uses his son  as a tool--'I swear on the life of my son'--to try and win arguments he has started. He humps the door and threatens to sodomise a young man and pulls a face when everyone challenges him about this--a fist in the chops would have settled it once and for all, but why sink to the level of this noisy concoction of teeth and whiskers? He equates being in the CBB house with the AIDS crisis, and accuses Michelle Visage--a dear lady with whom I share many acquaintances--as being extant of the LBGT community. What a turd.
Another example of this man's stupidity--and I hope my many American friends will understand this--is that he represents the typical gobshite tourist you invariably find at the ticket desk in the Gare du Nord, the one you can hear half a mile away who wants the hapless clerk to do everything for him, including wipe his arse. The 'my country is bigger than yours therefore I am better than you' grinning loon who is so stupid that he mistakes manure for pudding. Katie Hopkins says she will keep him awake by banging pans over his head--and the gormless twit interprets this as a death-threat. When it comes to brains, some of these Pepsodent grins were standing at the back of the line and appear to have their very own strain of Aspergers.
Okay, so Perez Hilton once reviewed one of my books, and he once gave a right regal hammering to one of my lunatics, but I still do not like him, and I think the message is quite clear not just for me but for the majority of the British viewing public if polls are anything to go by. When you get back to the other side of the Pond, Perez, please stay there!

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