Sunday, 18 January 2015


Rudolph Valentino Screenplay

This is now completed, and has been copyrighted and registered, and is being represented exclusively by Ink Tip. Enquiries may be made to and they are on Twitter at @Official_InkTip.

The screenplay is based on the book, and there has already been some interest in a movie featuring Valentino as he really was, a gay and proud man, unashamed of his sexuality but nevertheless wary of the truth emerging and ruining his career. Two companies already have the script, and three actors--two Italians and a Venezuelan--are also interested in playing Valentino as a gay man. Of course, it will always be a case of the more the merrier.
Please address all enquires to Here is the registered Logline.

The story of Rudolph Valentino, his rise from abusive childhood to the pinnacle of Hollywood stardom to his tragic early death, between which he engages in two disastrous marriages with lesbians, loves only men, lands up in jail on a bigamy charge and, though proud of his sexuality is terrified of being regarded as a non-manly man, in an age when gay men were perceived as degenerates by the general public.

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