Monday, 5 January 2015

Ched Evans: Read The Facts & Stop The Hounding


This is harassment at its most profound. Not content with having the horrendously squawky-voiced Jessica Ennis throwing a pout and wanting her name removed from the stadium stand, we now have them queuing up to hound this young man. MPs, a police chief, and now the great man himself, Ed Milliband, who if he was proud of his race should realise what persecution is all about. These people don't care whether he is guilty or not, and they don't give a fig for family values. A general election is coming up, and they're wanting to score points to ensure that they get in.
Have none of these people read any of the official documents, the statements and flimsy evidence, or are they just like sheep? The King said shit, so they all shat!
I was doing broadcasts in London when they hounded Justin Fashanu. He begged them to stop, and they kept on hounding. In the end he freed himself from these bigots by killing himself. I'm certain that these people are not going to be satisfied until Ched has done the same--then they'll all start wailing their crocodile tears of pity.
Most of the ones who are making his life a misery are feminist harridans--you only have to see their pictures to realise that no man would ever touch them in a million years, therefore they hate all men. There are in my opinion few creatures more loathsome than feminists. Without exception, the ones that I've come across--thankfully not in the Biblical sense--are bag-of-spanners ugly with mouths like barn-doors. They go to their graves unmissed and unloved, for the better part, because they have spent the better part of their lives drawing attention to themselves by hating others. They would have been better off if their fathers had put the product of their passion to better use by wiping it on the curtains.
For my part, I hope that Ched wins his appeal, and wipes the floor with the lot of them.

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