Saturday, 27 December 2014

Marlene Dietrich: Birthday

Today would have been my friend's birthday, and I've been asked--for the umpteenth time--if I'm ever going to have the book published in download form. The answer has usually been no. The publisher who did the original is no longer around.
Then I got to thinking. I've acquired the rights back to all of my earlier books, which allows me to farm them out if I think the new publisher will do a good job--hence Aurum publishing nine of them earlier this year.
So I made a decision. I will republish "Marlene, My Friend", putting back all the chunks the original publisher edited out for fear of being sued by Maria Riva, Marlene's daughter. I will do this when she dies--she turned 90 recently.
When I was writing the book, the arrangement was that it would not be published while my friend was still alive.
"I'm almost ninety, so you won't have to wait long," she told me.
The fact that Marlene wouldn't be around for much longer filled me with horror. I had the same arrangement with Elizabeth Taylor and wanted them to live forever. The new book, Joey Stefano, is one that I wished I had never written--Joey should still have been with us, and would have turned 47 next week. Maria Riva is a different kettle of fish. I bear her no ill-will despite us having had "words" in the past, but she means nothing to me so I won't be shedding any tears when she leaves us, no more than she would weep for me.

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