Tuesday, 16 December 2014

An Open Letter To Paragon Carpets, Wath-upon-Dearne

How people dislike having a taste of their own medicine. Your employee, Dave Wilkinson, commented on a group, "Who the f*ck is David Bret?" and was criticised for his language. His friend, Alan Blake, posted a picture of my wife with Frank Skinner and made vulgar references to her "huge f*cking lugholes", and stated that she looked like Professor Stephen Hawking, just dragged out of his wheelchair. More vile comments followed about disabled and gay people, besides innumerable racist slurs. Someone posted a picture of Margaret Thatcher and said that this was my mother. A woman who made fun of my mother was wholly unaware that her own mother had been correspondent when my mother filed for divorce in April 1971. Wilkinson posted a picture of a motorway bridge over which he had placed the sign, in flashing lights, "David Bret is a f*cking c*nt". Blake made comments that I had "bummed" my way around the world, and that I had had a sexual relationship with Peter Sutcliffe. As a result he was reported to the police in Preston.
Between them, Wilkinson and Blake directed the word "c*nt" 453 times on various Facebook pages toward my wife and myself--mostly towards my wife, who is not even on the Internet. These people constantly changed their names, and insulted other people on the group they kept sneaking into. In my file I have 14 different people who joined in with the tirade. I reported Wilkinson to his employer, Paragon Carpets, because he was promoting his filth under their name. He removed their logo, then wrote that his boss, David Rhodes, had called him into the office and congratulated him on his comments, furthermore that Mr. Rhodes agreed that I was a "c*nt" and that my wife looked like Professor Hawking. Wilkinson further affirmed that his boss was so impressed that he had placed these comments on the company noticeboard so that his other 37 employees could see that I was a "c*nt" and that my wide did indeed look like Professor Hawking.
Last night I gave a statement to South Yorkshire Police, who have been supplied with the requisite screen-shots and the 14 names referred to above. This included a screen-shot where Mr. Wilkinson boasts that he was arrested, and that the arresting officer and his lawyer also told him that I was a "c*nt" and that my wife looked like Stephen Hawking. The policewoman who took my statement found this very interesting. Wilkinson has since changed the privacy settings on his Facebook page, but the police can still access them.
Today, someone called Andrew Sellars, who works as a carer at the Mulberry Manor Nursing Home in Swinton, made crude remarks about my wife and wheelchairs, only slightly less puerile than remarks he made earlier. I shudder to think that any relative of mine would ever end up being cared for by someone who mocks disabled people. Needless to say this information has been passed on to the police and to his employers.
Yesterday on the phone, Mr. Rhodes  denied making such remarks, but I have no proof of this, not that I am calling him a liar in the least. Today, Mr. Rhodes informed me that if I badmouth him or his company, he will place this matter in the hands of his lawyers. I have NEVER bad-mouthed him or his company, nor do I have any intention of doing so. It is Mr. Wilkinson who made the statement regarding what Mr. Rhodes is supposed to have said, and about what has allegedly been posted by Mr. Rhodes on the company noticeboard. Therefore, in matters legal, it is not up to me to offer a retraction because I have done, said and written NOTHING to retract. It is up to Mr. Rhodes to prove that he did NOT say what has been claimed. All that has been written and what I have reported has come from Dave Wilkinson himself~~I have merely paraphrased what I have read.
Here the matter becomes interesting. Rather than ask you not to take legal action against me, well aware that in any court of law you would not have a leg to stand on~~I have had 28 court cases in the past and won 27 of them, so I always enter the room well-prepared~~I actually welcome you to take me to court, because if this happens, there will be no more paraphrasing. I, or my barrister, will read out before the judge, public and attendant press, EXACTLY what has been written in Mr. Wilkinson's comments, and whatever he claims has been said, by whomever. It will not be pleasant for me to pronounce the word "c**t 453 times, and the "f**k word even more, but I will do it.

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  1. And here is the quaint response from the Dave Wilkinson in question, a man so copiously vulgar that he defies description. Not only has this man hounded myself and myself relentlessly, despite being monitored and visited by the police, he now threatens violence.

    Anonymous18 December 2014 at 14:48

    Lol....ginger child.I like that little touch.but its better than having a wife that looks like Stephen hawking.that's before I get to you with your big pointed nose.oh,nice lipstick too you fucking weirdo.I'm just dying to meet you in person.are you doing any book signings soon......no of course ya not.no fucker would turn up....maybe your homosexual twitter followers would.