Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Penelope Gibbs: Does Dotty Lord Longford Have A Successor?

Not since Lord Longford and his woeful comb-over shuffled his mortal coil in the wake of one orgasm too many over Myra Hindley have I read such rot.
Penelope Gibbs of the Standing Committee For Youth Justice protests that Will Cornick, the lout who butchered a schoolteacher in cold blood, has been badly done by because the judge sentenced him to twenty years in jail, and that in all probability he might never be let out. The sentence, she says, is out of line with European standards.
What better excuse then to vote for Nigel Farage, who despite being a bit of a slurp wants to get us OUT of Europe, which means that there might be a smidgeon of a chance of bringing back the rope for the likes of Master Cornick, who told the court the other day that he "couldn't give a shit" about the impact on Anne Maguire's family after he knifed her seven times in front of the other pupils.
Mrs Gibbs might be better off cleaning toilets in a toothpaste factory instead of pontificating about our justice system. How would her husband feel, one wonders, if this little creep had left her lying in a pool of blood?
I have a suggestion. I will provide the soap-box if Ms Gibb agrees to stand in the middle of Leeds City Market and express her opinions there. 

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  1. Mrs Gibbs is deluded,Cornick should rot in hell.