Friday, 14 November 2014

Jessica Ennis versus Ched Evans

So, Jessica Ennis wants her name taking down from the stand erected in her honour. She doesn't really want it taking down--she's just whining and showing off. Therefore I think that the powers that be in Sheffield should call her bluff and take it down. Then she'll whine some more saying that she didn't really want it taking down, that she was just whining and showing off--geddit? Currently she is the most annoying person on television--those promotions on Sky, where she whines and the sun reflects off her shiny bonce are really getting on my tits. As a sportswoman she is unique, and a living legend--away from the track, I find her a pain in the bum.
I do NOT advocate rape, before those harpies who make it a point to trail my every move, utterance and nuance start flapping their wings--unless of course they flap over the edge of Beachy Head. There's some doubt as to whether Ched Evans did what they said he did, and I also think that he shouldn't be allowed to play football until after the hearing, when it's all been sorted out. Oops, he's NOT playing football--he's training, so that if he IS re-signed, he'll still be in shape. The ones making all the mouth should wake up their defunct grey cells and see this. They don't, because they're too consumed with hatred. If they weren't hating and campaigning against Ched Evans, it would be some other lost cause they're supporting--anything to make a little difference to their largely mundane lives.
As for Mr. Evans, regardless of the severity of his crime--or should I say alleged crime--he has paid for this by spending time in prison, and should be allowed to continue with his work. The fans will decide whether or not he is a role model.
As for the bullies--and this includes Ms Ennis--leave him alone.
Unless of course you want another Justin Fashinu episode...

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