Thursday, 6 November 2014

Fast-Tracking My Autobiography In Case Peter Sutcliffe Dies

Call me callous, but it's a case of striking while the iron's hot.
I'm not one to wish ill on people, and I know there's another book out there with me in it, so it's a case of getting there first. I'm using the pictures he took of me, but I won't be using the one I took of him for obvious reasons. I might be cocky in stating that the haters will sell the book for me, as usually happens.
Pete's had a heart-attack and says they'll soon be carrying him out of Broadmoor in a box. It should have happened years ago--let me be the first to say this.
My only desire is that he doesn't die on 26th November, so it looks like it could be a race against time. 

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