Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bible-Bashers Vs Joey Stefano: The New Pariah

Just when I thought I'd heard it all, here's a new one!
Joseph Scambria, a gay man who once sucked cocks for a living, is now declaring that the Lord Jesus saved him from homosexuality, pornography, and the occult.
He is broadcasting his claptrap as a means of honouring Joey Stefano on the 20th anniversary of his death. Or so he thinks.
I often wonder where these people get off. It's almost like releasing Rose West from prison and giving her a job at a school for young ladies and allowing her to spout about all the nasty things that others have done to young women.
Even the name Scambria sounds dodgy, like something you would get from lifting too many heavy boxes, or not washing around your perineum. I first came across him (not literally, though many others apparently have) when I watched his documentary, "Room 122", wherein he took us around "the seedy hotel room where Joey died" on 26 November 1994.
The hotel room was not seedy, and Joey did not die here, but in hospital. The only thing seedy about that room was the person standing in it repeatedly telling us to pray and save our souls. Have YOU ever attempted to raise money for AIDS charities?
I know and have known quite a few porn stars and directors, and they do/did not have horns. There's a wonderful Jake Spears film called "Buckleroos II" where two Jehovah's witnesses turn up at someone's door and announce they are here to save his soul. "It ain't lost," he drawls, and five minutes later they're all at it in his garden like lodging-house cats. 
I absolutely hate, loathe and detest Bible-bashers. Every now and then they come banging on my door, waving their leaflets. They invariably look suspicious, the kind of people who would never give a blind man a light. Dig deep enough, and you'll find that they have something in their past that they don't want you to know about.
I would rate Joseph Scambria lower than any of these. He has been and still is what he is condemning, which makes him not just a bigot and a hypocrite, but a homophobe of the very worst kind. One of Fred Phelps' chosen few. I can imagine him in one of those Third World countries, gloating as they strung up some hapless young man for the crime of being in love--and then rushing off to serenade his boyfriend.  
Joey did not walk around molesting children or frightening the birds. He made porn films, the same as Seedy Scambria, and these were for private consumption--they didn't screen them in the town square, you watched them in selected cinemas or in the privacy of your home. Away from the screen, he did not foist his 'lifestyle' upon anyone, the way YOU are foisting your verbal bollocks. He was not a criminal, and when he died at just twenty-six, he left many of us bereft, and twenty years on we are still bereft. I especially feel bitter that our friend and hero is not here any more, while a creep like you is occupying the breathing space that he might have, were it possible to affect a swap.
And you honestly think that Jesus loves YOU for your abominable behaviour? I don't think so, though. So why not pop "Masquerade" into your DVD player and enjoy a spot of self-indulgence. You won't go to hell because it's written in my Bible,"Joseph Scambria is a wanker!"

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