Sunday, 23 November 2014

Alan Blake Feik: Does Mrs Bret & Professor Stephen Hawking Warrant SO Puerile An Insult?

WARNING: this announcement contains very strong language, for which I apologise, those these are in quotes

People can insult me as much as they like. It's water off a duck's back. They never like a taste of their own medicine, but that is another matter. And when they insult my wife and loved ones, and for no reason whatsoever, this is a different matter. Jeanne never gets involved in any disputes, preferring to love and support in a background role. Here we are with Frank Skinner.
Yesterday, Alan Blake Feik and Dave Wilkinson were discussing my wife very publicly on a social networking site--because it WAS public, there was no snooping. These men hail from the Yorkshire town where we both grew up, and to which the thread was related, and during the course of this discussion about my wife, the word 'cunt' was used twenty times--a total of 200 times in the whole thread. Others were involved in the discussion, which also contained profoundly homophobic and racist remarks, and which was captured on screenshot.

The social networking group where the following was posted reaches a weekly audience of but a few hundred, which is why I feel that, as a very sensitive issue, it may warrant the attention of the minimum 10,000 visitors which come here each week.
Having posted the above picture, which is copyrighted material, Mr Blake Feik pronounced, 'His missus is a bonny cunt, that's her with the enormous lugs.' The conversation which followed--and the entire thread has been forwarded to the police and press--these two men made comparisons between my wife and Professor Stephen Hawking, such as I has dragged him out of his wheelchair and was using him as a ventriloquist's dummy.
This was not just profoundly insulting towards my wife, but to a severely disabled man, and to any number of ethnic minorities. 

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