Sunday, 5 October 2014

RIP Brenda Leyland, Another Victim Hounded By The Vultures Of The Press

I don't give a monkey's left-handed toss for the "trolling" she did,and I am not remotely interested in the case she was involved with. There are other problems to worry about in the world, much more pressing.
With the British press, it's always been a case of being guilty before proved otherwise. Think Bill Roache. Think the actor in 'The Bill' who they hounded--printing maps of the pubs he visited. Pathetic. Think of Justin Fashinu. I was doing a BBC broadcast when he hanged himself after being hounded by the tabloids. And now this lady. Creepy journalists hanging around street corners waiting to pounce. These people have neither heart nor soul. If this lady did wrong,then let the police deal with it. Don't hound her into taking her own life. You are not the law, and you are not God.
There's also been another one today, the man suspected of killing the girl, Alice. Suspected, not accused. What if he is innocent and the press have hounded the wrong man? It may seem unlikely but it's a possibility. 
Martin Blunt should never be forgiven for hounding this woman, yet had it not been him, it would have been someone else. It's a pity his kind of people cannot put the same effort into tracking down the killer of that poor man in Iraq. Then we might show them a little respect, instead of utter contempt.

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