Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Oscar Pistorius: The Judgement Was Fair

A young woman is dead, nothing can bring her back. But I'm glad that this ordeal for everyone involved with this case is finally over. I know from personal experience how long these things can drag on, and I've seen both sides of the fence--the love and support, and the hatred. I supported Oscar throughout his ordeal as I have another friend/acquaintance, and will continue to do so, as they and a number of others supported and encouraged me. 
Judge Masipa had a heavy weight on her shoulders. For some, whatever judicial decision is made, others will continue to bellyache and hate. It's in their blood. 
I anticipate a few anonymous hate-mails for my comments, as this goes with the territory. But there is always Someone watching far greater than they or I, and karma is a very strange being.
Today, Jeanne and I celebrate 42 years of marriage. My father and siblings gave us six months. This I find amusing, given the way their lives turned out--numerous failed marriages  and relationships, and a couple of periods of Her Majesty's Pleasure for some very serious crimes, which of course I will never make public unless they and others decide to hound me when my book comes out.
This is something people never think about when levelling accusations at others. What's that old saying about people in glass houses not throwing stones? 
There's also another one we have here in the North of England, suggestive that whatever anyone throws at me, I'm always going to have something on them, hiding up my sleeve.
"When you catch a weasel asleep, you piss in its ear!"

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