Sunday, 26 October 2014

Now That Afghanistan Is "Over", Where Next Will Our Soldiers Die?

"When will they EVER learn?" Marlene asked in the song.
The truth is, NEVER.
Our politicians know bugger all about the real world. We have 23 millionaires ordering us what to do with our lives, and across The Pond, it's even worse. Men and women who are totally out of touch with the real world, having wanted for nothing, having spent their whole lives choking on silver spoons.
These people spend more time up on another's arses than a Wembley Stadium filled with Brent Carrigans. They think that they share the same song, but for years it's been out of tune. They stick their snouts where they don't belong, and leave someone else to fight them out of the mess they got themselves into.
The politicians sit smugly in their mansions watching the carnage from afar. Those who have been sent to far climes to sort out their mess lie not so snugly in their coffins--in bits and pieces if they are lucky.
453 brave men and women have died in Afghanistan. And for what? To keep the rest of us safe, the politicians say. We WERE safe, for goodness sake, until you started interfering. When I was growing up we were taught to mind our own business, as a result of which towers and railway stations were not blown up. If you had a beef with someone, you met them in the local park with the dog leash, or you took up boxing.
So, Afghanistan, which should never have begun, is over. Doubtless the politicians will be scratching their expensively coiffed heads trying to fathom out where next to send our soldiers to die. And when they do so it will be with hands that already have blood on them.

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