Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Jeremy Hunt: Another Twit Out Of Touch With The Real World

I often wonder about the people running our country, most of whom regard "hardship" as when they're down to their last dozen tins of caviar.
Jeremy Hunt, he of the unfortunate name which has oft been mis-pronounced on the television and radio, now adds his words of wisdom to the Ebola outbreak and says that it could be as big as the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.
Why not just tell us that we're all going to die, Mr Hunt, and have done with it? 
And of course, will other comparisons now be made, especially when UKIP get their foot in the door? We had The Gay Plague. Will these mostly racists now label this The Black Plague? 
In fact, the only malady we have in Britain is Politicians Plague, for which the only cure will be to get rid of them all, humanely, at the next General Election--whence they will all retreat to their mansions and pooh-pooh the actions of the next bunch of do-gooders.
As for Mr Hunt, let him take his panic elsewhere. Maybe he should show support of the NHS by donning a nurse's uniform and heading for Liberia, where he might be of more use than he is right now, frightening the bejesus out of impressionable people.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Jeremy Hunt: Ebola crisis 'could match Aids epidemic'

Ebola must be contained before it spreads out of control, health secretary claims as Heathrow prepares for screening of passengers

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