Thursday, 23 October 2014

Is Ched Evans The New Justin Fashinu For The UK Tabloids?


There are few beings in Britain less evil than our tabloid press and their band of self-righteous hacks. I was in London in 1998 with Pete Murray, doing a phone-in at LBC Radio to promote my biography of Rudolph Valentino when news came in that Justin Fashinu had hanged himself after being persecuted for his sexuality. They just would not leave him alone. A woman called in to the station and said that he had done the right thing, and that it was a pity that a few more "of his kind" didn't follow his example. On air, she was told exactly what to do with her opinion. 

Ched Evans raped a woman. He was found guilty, and sent to prison. Now he is out. Evans isn't responsible for the workings of our justice system, which is screwed up at the best of times. My friend Ryan Idol flung a toilet seat at his girlfriend in America and is serving twelve years. That's too long, whereas Evans' sentence was too short. BUT--and there is a BIG but--he didn't make the rules, and he has served his time. If his club want him back, then he should be allowed to play football again. These people who get up these petitions are like sheep. Aunty Aggie has a black cardigan, so the whole family wants one. And how many people--mostly those who are hoping to earn a fast buck--have gone bleating to the police with a story they've made up, putting stars through hell--as happened with Paul Gambaccini and William Roache? Do these get named and shamed and hounded by petition-wielding bigots?

Ched Evans committed a vile act, he was arrested, charged, and sent to prison. He has served his time. Let him get one with his life. Or would you rather read the headline that he too has been found swinging from the rafters of a garage somewhere?

Somehow, I think you would.

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