Friday, 12 September 2014

Rotherham Awaits

I grew up in a small village near here, but whereas the village was a jewel, the town itself was never less than a shit-hole in my opinion, second only to Blackpool.

Rotherham was SUCH a prejudiced place. O.B., my father, was typical of how prejudiced and bigoted one person could be. You were accepted so long as you were anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, and an atheist. If you beat up your wife or partner, you were right up his street.

Tomorrow, the English Defence League hits Rotherham in the wake of the child abuse scandal where 1,400 minors are claimed to have been abused by members of the Pakistani community. I fear a riot, and a great deal of damage being inflicted all in the name of prejudice. 

There has been a great deal of abuse, this I believe. I also believe that Sean Wright should be fired, as do the two fishwives who launched a verbal and vulgar attack on him yesterday as the Select Committee meeting in London. I do not believe for one minute, though, that there were as many as 1,400 attacks--though if there had been just one, it would be one too many and justice must of course prevail. 

As always with such cases, there is always exaggeration--people jumping on to the bandwagon in the hope of making a bob or two while their stories get lost in the crowd of genuine victims of these attacks. I've been studying various sites and some of these comments are just not nice. King Herod elected to get rid of all the first-born to ensure that he got the right one in the end, and still failed. What I see, while justice does need to be dispensed, is a heck of a lot of mother's milk racism, in that some of these very nasty--and clearly uneducated--detractors are tarring all Pakistani men with the same brush.

Would the people of Rotherham and its neighbouring countryside be happy with the outside world thinking that they all breed ferrets, wear flat-caps and smoke Woodbines, and that they are all racists, bigots and homophobes who do not know how to speak properly and who send their children up chimneys? We've moved away from all of that.

The "big-wigs" of the police and Rotherham Council should be shown no mercy, and neither should those who committed these heinous crimes. But don't persecute an entire race of people for what is a minority of criminals. They are just as good as you are. 

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