Monday, 29 September 2014

Good News: Changes In Copyright Laws


Good news for writers of spoofs. As of today we have more freedom over who or what we might or might not parody. One person complained to the BBC once too often, and ended up with eggy chops!
Parody and spoofs is what makes British humour the best in the world. Think Tony Hancock, George Formby, the Spitting Image and Not The Nine O'Clock News teams. 
Oh, and Lennie, Winnie and Maggie. It means there's no more embargos on photographs and that I can use more or less what I like, though I have done the honourable thing and moved your sour mushes and big ears from Nancy's saga.
So, what's next in the offing? I would suggest that the humourless amongst you dig out a few old recordings of Derek & Clive, aka Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. That one with the movie star and the lobsters creases me. As for Nancy, she's back in her tomb for the time being. I have a novel out in three weeks, my autobiography, and a major biography for the Spring which will I assume raise more eyebrows than all the others added together. But, that's what biography writing is all about. No use "Roganing" the same subject for donkeys' years. The punters get bored!

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