Saturday, 20 September 2014

Alex Salmond: The Charlie Drake Of Haggis Land

Salmond versus Darling, aka The Buffoon versus The Professor from Thunderbirds.
The man with the personality of chip-fat who has cost the British taxpayer more than Princess Nelly Cambridge will spend on her wardrobe for the whole of this year, which is going some.
He knew from the start that Scotland would never gain independence from the rest of us. That's the problem with egotists--they never see beyond the end of their noses. And what a gentleman he turns out to be. Boasts about this and that, slaps our  Queen in the face with a kipper, gets knocked off his podium, and like the great man he is, throws in the towel and runs bleating into the Highlands.
The former Scottish leader who fancied becoming King Bucolic is now the defamed King Rat who's deserted the ship he single-handedly deserted. This chump has not just Captain Cooked up his own country, he's thrown all of us into disarray.
It's a good job we're not back in the days of that other Good Queen Bess, otherwise they would have sent him to Fotheringay by now while they sharpened the axe. It's treason, without any doubt. Like I observed yesterday, he should at least be made to sit through a Krankie's pantomime or be made to French-kiss Andy Murray and/or his mother. 
We're in a recession, or getting out of it, depending on which other governmental buffoon you choose to believe. Our hospitals are struggling, our poor are struggling more, and they have wasted millions on a campaign which was always going to be a hiding for nothing.  
What a knob!

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