Friday, 22 August 2014

Dear Old Christopher Riordan, Joey & Me!

I guess you could say that I posted this one "by public demand". I fall out with a bunch of old biddies who love the dead, and Old Baldy Bonce bounces back out of the woodwork. Don't moan, Chris. Like I always say, I never start anything unless you do--and you just won't let those sleeping dogs lie, will you? And no matter how many times you ask, I'm still not sending you that picture of Joey's cock!

Bless him, the old codger in the hat who (he claims) was a household name in the Presley, Dean and Liz Taylor households is still harping on about me, though not in a vituperative way. As they say, it's better to be talked about than ignored. And we're all on the same side.

There was a little to-do a while ago when I posted the above picture given to me by Joey Stefano. There are two versions--the one above, and another with Joey in all his glory, so to speak. Mr Riordan asked me to send him a copy of the other one and I duly obliged. Then we fell out over some trifle. I don't bear grudges against him because he does genuinely seem like a nice person, though perhaps a little too anecdotal to be taken too seriously. But, he's never bitter when imparting his knowledge.

Tonight he's telling some old biddy to stand her ground and stay calm, and that it all comes to the fore before long. Does this mean that she wants the full picture of Joey, too, the cheeky little so-and-so? Mr R also says that I claim he doesn't look as good as he did fifty-four years ago...which he says is fine because he would never want to look good for me. None of us do, love, and I'm not on the lookout for a toy-boy just now! But I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about an old twit who realistically would never be fit to lick your boots, and who is so thick that he has great difficulty in spelling his own name.

An example. Someone sent him a postcard captioned, "Denbigh: The Square". To which he asked which town was which another twit replied, "Weymouth". To which he replied thank-you. Earlier, someone posted a picture of Rudolph Valentino and someone asked him who this was. He actually replied! You could not make it up. 

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