Monday, 14 July 2014

World Cup 2014: I Guess The Best Team Won After All!

If you're going for on the pitch magic, the best team won. Naturally I've always supported Italy and always will--the team and I share a history. But Buffon was not up to scratch, and Pirlo is getting a little creaky for these intense competitions. France have been rubbish over the last few years, but improved immensely this time, largely because of Olivier Giroud, above. Then there was Brazil, and the lovely Neymar who everyone just wanted to cuddle--especially after he was hurt. Those South Americans can be touchy--think of what happened to Escobar, though that was mostly the horrible homophobes again. And talking of the Devil, below is a picture for the pink-haters. Bastian Schweinsteiger enjoying a post-match snack of finest Argentinian bully-beef. It's an important discovery for today's youngsters who think that it only comes out of a tin... 

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