Thursday, 24 July 2014

That John Barrowman Gay Kiss Plays Right Into the Homophobes' Hands

The "Barrowman Kiss" in Glasgow last night was misplaced. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone kissing, of any sexual persuasion, but in this instance I believe that he thought he was doing the right thing at the time, he may have done more harm than good.
Homosexuality is illegal or frowned upon in over forty Commonwealth countries--they consider it a perversion. It used to be like this in Hollywood--still is, to an extent, as I proved yesterday. In the golden age of the cinema, gay men were perceived as prancing, lily-livered "degenerates" incapable of procreating. The actor Robert Taylor, nabbed by a policeman while importuning in London, whipped open his shirt and when the copper saw his hairy chest, he let him go. Manly men didn't do things with other men!
Yesterday, I took issue with a fruitloop who said that it was "lacking in class" to discuss "the gay factor". Doubtless I will be accused of bullying. These people are like Nero with a colostomy bag--they can give it, but can't take it back. 
I'm not taking issue with Barrowman, who I have met and who is an extremely nice man. It's the WAY they kissed, and how they skipped off the stage afterwards. That bigoted ilk who belong to the bygone age will now only mock more the community they enjoy persecuting--with their blinkered views that, to love another man, one still has to behave like Liberace. What these vile people must remember is that in some of these countries, young men are being executed and murdered for no reason than they are behaving the way that nature intended them to behave. And one only has to study some of their attackers. They certainly do not set a good example with their own lives.
Commonwealth prejudice therefore receives another boost.
It would have been much better if the snog had been between  two ripped boxers or weightlifters. This would have revealed to Commonwealth bigots that gay men and women are just as "normal" as they are. More normal, in fact, because THEY are not preoccupied with making the lives of others a misery just because they are different--effectively better--than these oppressors because all they want to do is love, not hate. 


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