Wednesday, 2 July 2014

More Nastiness From Our Favourite Chipwrap

Inane ramblings in today's chipwrap--I no longer need to mention the name as everyone who comes here knows which one--from Charlie Wyett, in Rio. I'm not knocking his intelligence, but he's happy to be reporting from this city because it's easier to spell and not get wrong. 
Mr Wyett-wasn't-wiped-on-Daddy's-shirt harps on about our lovely golden boys being a bunch of cry-babies because Neymar, their most golden boy, bursts into tears when he puts his team through to the next round.
Of course he gets emotional, you illiterate twit--50,000 people are screaming his name and 200 million are watching around the world. What do you expect him to do--put on a Rebekah Brooks wig and rush off to play bingo with his mum?
And what right do you have to criticise anyone after England's abysmal performance? England wouldn't be capable of winning the world cup if the only team in it was themselves and The Luton Ladies Choir. This would be the advantage of holding the competition here in the UK--they wouldn't have as far to travel home when they got knocked out in the play-offs, and of course the only chance they have of not getting knocked out is not to enter it in the first place.
I guess that the chipwrap's next targets will be the French, and then the Germans. It's an easy way to be racist while pretending to be witty. Yes, we do all eat snails--and they do all nick the sunbeds and have little moustaches, just as most tabloid journalists are human beings, or so they like to have us believe.
And a little suggestion, entirely without prejudice, seeing as you consider yourselves to be above mortal men. Instead of taking the plane home, try launching yourself off the Statue of Jesus Now, that would show a sense of humour!  

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