Wednesday, 30 July 2014

EVP: What A Load Of Old Wallop!

EVP...Electronic Voice Phenomena.
What a load of old cobblers!
And of course it has to happen with the old chestnuts: Richard III and Rudolph Valentino.
And always, always the recipient of these "messages from the dead" are women of a certain age, and more than likely feminists for reasons known only to themselves--other than perhaps that, unlike normal women, they are not getting enough of what the cat licks, and have to go searching for their thrills elsewhere. 
A woman claims that she has been in an old room and captured the voice of Richard III on her mobile phone!
A woman claims to have captured the voice of Valentino while talking to him outside his tomb!
Whatever you do, do not argue with these silly fillies who are quite clearly batting for Bedlam.
And what are the first questions that these Loony Lornas ask their "men"?

"Richard--do you have a hump and did you murder the Princes?"
"Rudy--did you enjoy the company of very handsome men like yourself--or if you came back to earth, would you rather have sex will ugly women like me?"

I've seen people being carted off in white vans for less!

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