Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Sun's Free Edition

Poor Ed Milband is starting to look like death warmed up. Our politicians all have one thing in common--they all drop themselves in it eventually, one way or another.

The Sun represents the most puerile in British journalism. It's the younger sister of The Boston Globe and The National Enquirer, with tits. If they could have got away with it, when she died they would have printed a picture of Princess Margaret naked on all fours, playing hunt the sausage on Mustique.

I was offended when their free chip-rag came through my letterbox yesterday. We get more than our share of junk-mail, and despite what their God might think, there are others in this country who do not support England in the World Cup. I once wrote that I wanted a trio of Sun journalists to end their days in a mangled heap on the M6. This wish still stands. In fact, it would not bother me if they all perished this way. Their sneaky ways of getting stories and subsequently ruining lives is abhorrent. But their free paper caused a tiny rumpus chez Bret, when I saw the ads yesterday which include a Freepost address so that the decent folk of Britain can sent this rubbish back to the Sun. Someone even suggested that the cost of this to them would put them out of business and that they would go sailing down the Swannee like The News of the World--who folded just weeks after making one of my books Book of The Week, and after writing a very nice caption which is now on the front of another. 

How can such an act put them out of business, I asked one who knows. Simple, quoth he. Just send it back page by page! Hence the little rumpus with Mrs B, who had used the free rag to line the cat tray. So has my missus, quoth another source, but I have still sent it back. Added he, if they can send shit through the post, they should not moan if someone sends shit back to them.

Personally, I think The Sun will destroy itself one day. There's a big--and I mean HUGE--story out there just waiting to break. It might take a while, and there are so many people who know exactly what it will involve. But it WILL break. My cat feels it in her water--which is now on the front page of her favourite toilet acoutrement.

Ed Miliband apologises for offence over Sun picture

Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband has apologised for any offence caused after he posed with a copy of the Sun newspaper.
The Labour leader was pictured holding a copy of the paper which was sent to millions of homes free to mark the start of the World Cup.
Labour MPs have criticised their leader for associating himself with the paper, which has long been criticised for its reporting of the Hillsborough disaster.

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