Sunday, 29 June 2014

French Catholic Priest Burns Rainbow Flag

The term 'Holy Shit' could have been invented for this creep. The Catholic Church is rife with kiddie-fiddlers, and maybe this twat-in-a-frock should put his own house in order before he starts poking his homophobic snout into other people's lives.
I've had two 'experiences' with bigoted holy men who have turned out to be as bent as nine-bob notes while attacking the love that dare not speak its name. You only have to watch their youtubes to see that they're only nine degrees to the left of Liberace. I'm not saying that about this salopard but in my opinion, before setting fire to the Rainbow Flag--which represents to members of the gay community what the Cross represents to followers of Jesus--he should have first tied it to his balls.

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